Friday, June 28, 2013

RA On Call Board

One night after working my college job, I came back to my dorm to find a surprise.

Jackie, the RA on call that night, had decorated the RA board with a bit of Disney magic.

RA Board
Cute "Up" artwork!
Do not remove watermark.

I thought she did a fantasmic job drawing this – what do you think?

See ya all real soon!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What’s the Best Kind of Music?

I’ve shared with you before how my dorm “neighbor” would have little polls on her whiteboard outside her dorm room.  I thought I’d share another one she did that was Disney-related.

This particular time, she was doing a poll on the best kind of music.  When I saw the options, I knew one was missing.

So I wrote in “Disney”.

Did it win?

See for yourself, below:

Music Poll
Country music beat it...sad, isn't it?
Do not remove watermark.

What would you have voted?


Hidden Mickey in the Cafeteria

After a long dinner shift at work one day (during the school year, I work at the Cafeteria -- loving called "the Caf" by BC students -- at Benedictine, where I go to school), I was cleaning up and getting ready for the brunch shift the next day.  As I was cleaning up the condiments (we always serve burgers during dinner), I noticed a familiar shape among the mayo…

Mayo Mickey
We put bowls under the mayo, mustard, and ketchup
dispensers, and Mickey decided to show up in
the mayo bowl!
Do not remove watermark.

It totally made my day!  Reminds me of another time I noticed a Hidden Mickey at Benedictine….

Have you ever seen any random Hidden Mickeys?  Tell me in the comments or post on my page on Facebook!

See ya all real soon!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monsters University: A Review


Did I scare you? No?  Darn!  Well, I guess I better ask my pals Sulley and Mike for some tips…

Yes, I did go to Disney-Pixar’s Monsters University Friday night.  Originally, it was just going to be Bestie and I, but her parents decided to come along too, which was fine by me!

Surprisingly, they were playing the movie in a smaller theater room, and it was very crowded when we got there (so get there early!).  The only place with five seats exactly (her older brother came along too) was right in the second row, basically six feet from the screen.  So yeah, not exactly the most comfortable I’ve been to see a movie…

Just want to quickly mention about the Frozen trailer that played before the movie: I had mentioned the teaser earlier, and indeed the one before Monsters University was the exact same teaser from the previous post.  A bit of a disappointment: I’d at least like to see some footage from the film!  And there was also a trailer for Planes, Disney’s next feature this summer, but I got the feeling (have had the feeling) that Planes is going to be very much like Cars, just in the air.

Before I begin my review, I want to state that I am not very familiar with the first movie, Monsters, Inc.  The mechanical child scared me when I was younger, and still kind of does, for reasons I do not want to discuss.  But I do enjoy the story of the first movie, and I think I know enough about it to be able to make comparisons between it and its new sequel.  However, this is just me saying that I may make a wrong assumption about Monsters, Inc., but now you’ll know why.

Now, grab that popcorn, settle back in your seat, and enjoy the show….

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Freezing Teaser: First Look at Disney’s Frozen!

Today, Disney released the first teaser trailer for its upcoming animated feature Frozen, based on Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of The Snow Queen.

And guess where this teaser trailer appeared.


If you think about it, it does make sense.  Because at, they had this weather outlook forecast before playing the trailer, so it was a clever bit of advertising.

Video from YouTube.

Pros: the two characters are adorable!  I absolutely fell in love with the caribou/reindeer character, even though I know nothing about him so far.  According to the Disney Wiki, the snowman is named Olaf, and the reindeer is named Sven.  So can I buy myself a Sven?  He’s so cute! 

Such a cute face!
Video screencapture taken from the included video.

Overall, this is a great sneak peek that really grabs your attention with the two cute characters and amusing antics.

Cons: of course, this is a teaser trailer, which means it’s part of an advertising campaign made to tease us and gain our interest about a movie’s existence.  The real trailer will give us more information about the plot, characters, and more important stuff.  The first trailer for Frozen will be played before Monsters University, which opens this Friday (who’s going?).  So while the teaser is adorable, it doesn’t quite give me all the information I want, as expected.

Why I’m pumped for this movie: I fell in love with The Snow Queen story after watching a different animated film of it years ago, so when I heard Disney was making their own adaption of the tale, I got really excited. 

You could say as excited as I got for BraveHowever, I don’t know much about Frozen at this point as I did for Brave, so I’m actually even more excited because I knew too much about Brave.

I’m also excited because this is another fairy tale story, which is Disney’s expertise in animated movies.  Idina Menzel is voicing Elsa the Snow Queen (and villain? *big grin*), and I absolutely love Idina.

So at this point, let’s just say I cannot wait for Disney’s Frozen!

.gif image from trex0rapunz3l.tumblr

See ya all real soon!

What did you think of this first sneak peak to Frozen?  And which character do you think is cutest: Sven (yes!) or Olaf?  Tell me in the comments below!

Did You Know These Disney Facts?

Oh My Disney, one of the best Disney blogs on earth, posted these Disney facts that you probably haven’t fully realized yet.  When I first saw the blog post, I figured I’d probably know them all.  I was wrong – a few caught me off guard!  Here are my favorites, the ones that I didn’t realize, but feel free to check them all out at Oh My Disney.

Number one, Cinderella’s last name is probably Tremaine.

Cinderella and her stepmother
Image from the Disney Wiki.

Why?  Well, that’s the name Disney gave to her stepmother, and most likely, when Lady Tremaine married Cinderella’s father, her last name changed.  I had sort of realized this but not fully.  Now it’s weird to think about.

Moving on, then

Number two, Belle and Prince Adam are living without enchanted objects right now.

At the end of the you see any enchanted objects?
.gif image from pixiedustcaps.tumblr

What?  No!  Who’s going to sing “Be Our Guest” with lines like, “Ask the dishes!” and "While the flatware's entertaining"?

Number three, for you Toy Story fanatics, here’s a shocker for ya: Woody probably had a owner before Andy.

Andy's thinking the same thing...
Image from the Disney Wiki.

Why?  Because he’s a toy from an older show.  I don’t fully understand this because I don’t watch Toy Story that much (the talking toys scared me when I was younger).  But maybe this just means that Andy’s dad handed him down or something.  Still, shocking, right?

And finally, this one just made me laugh.  At the end of Mary Poppins, one of my absolute favorite musicals and Disney films, Mr. Banks is wearing a hat with a hole in it.  Throughout the entire song “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” in fact.

Wanted to get a .gif of Mr. Banks during the song but couldn't find
one, but this .gif image looks like a great reaction.  So I figured it'd work.
Image from poehlering.tumblr

And as OMD puts it, what if it rains?

That’s all for now.  Did you know these facts I shared with you?  The others at OMD?  Share with me in the comments!

Until next time, ttfn!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Character Magic: Gaston Being…Well, Gaston

Welcome back for another segment of Character Magic: Making Memories in the Park, or for a shorter version, Disney Characters in Character!  If either title of the series isn’t obvious enough, this series deals with cast members portraying beloved Disney characters and doing a fine job of it, keeping in character while creating memorable magic for guests.  So far, I’ve only shared with you a sweet video of Snow White.

Today, I’m here to share with you a video of Disney’s most self-centered villain.


Video from YouTube.

I absolutely love how this cast member approached his character.  He’s got the whole arrogant vain attitude we expect from Gaston, just toned down a bit, and he even acts afraid of the Beast.  I especially enjoyed the fact that he both quotes from his movie but also says things that his character would say just not from the movie.  Like the Walt Disney World guests in the video, I was laughing or chuckling at nearly everything he said.

My favorite line has to be: “I’m not afraid of that Beast, I just have other things I need to do.”

See ya all real soon!

(PS – is it just me, or do Gaston’s gloves remind you of dishwashing gloves?  That’s always bugged me about his Park costume.)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ursula the Ghost Host

Doesn’t it make you smile when the voice actors of your favorite Disney characters still got “it” in them?

Take Pat Carroll, for example, the unforgettable voice of Ursula.

She recently attended this event called Spooky Empire’s May-hem, where she was requested to read the well-known lines of the Ghost Host of the Haunted Mansion.  In Ursula’s voice.

Let’s just say, she rocked it.

Both videos from YouTube.  Click here for the full Q&A session with Pat, over 30 minutes long, I warn you!

This is absolutely amazing.  The fact that she can still do those awesome laughs sends chills down my spine!

evilly perfect
Reaction: Evilly perfect.

See ya all real soon!

What If Ariel Wasn’t a Redhead?

The Disney Mermaid, obviously, loves mermaids.

And her favorite one is Ariel.

She especially loves her because like Ariel, she has bright red hair (though, as she was commenting the other day, Ariel’s is too pinkish to be legit).

But what if Ariel wasn’t a redhead at all?

Because originally, she was going to be blonde.

Check out the below video to see what Ariel would have looked like as a blonde.  Thoughts?

Video from YouTube.

Well, I definitely prefer her as a ginger!

.gif image from Petite Tiaras,
reblogged at the-disney-freak.tumblr