Thursday, April 14, 2016

Finally: FastPass+ Enhancements for Walt Disney World

Disney finally upgraded the FastPass+ system at Walt Disney World. With the new enhancements, Guests can now:

  • make up to three selections. The key word(s) is "up to" -- versus earlier when the system forced Guests to choose three, or automatically created the remainder. Now, if a Guest wants only one FastPass, they can select just one.
  • choose individual FastPasses and times. The system no longer forces a time slot, but instead allows Guests to have total freedom over when they'd like to experience the attraction.
  • select an additional FastPass after the first three are redeemed. Previously, this could only be done at a kiosk. Now it can be done at either at kiosk or on the app.

To aid Guests with the changes, Disney has provided the following video, as a guide:

With my family coming to visit me toward the end of my program, I decided to test the new system myself and create some FastPasses for their trip.

The entire system has a whole new look to it, one that I found refreshing and simple. Kudos to the design team!

All screenshots by Molly Blaeser
for The Disney Freak's Blog.

Clicking the plus sign in the top corner gave me the options to select my FastPass party, the date and the park. You can swipe through the dates, or you can select a date from the calendar icon. As of yet, you cannot make FastPasses in multiple parks.

And now there's an option to look for FastPasses around a certain time frame, or an entire time of day, such as "Morning."

The new upgrade makes it very easy to discover which FastPasses are available and which aren't.

And as the video above showed, you can quite easily add or remove family and friends to/from your selections. One can also create FastPasses for different people -- Splash Mountain for John and Jill, but Peter Pan's Flight for Grandma and the kids.

All in all, this upgrade has been quite anticipated and really makes the system much more user-friendly.