Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Is He Okay?

Another surprise post during my hiatus! MMM and The Beast went out tonight, giving me babysitting duties, so I took advantage of time and four movie-enthralled kids to write this all this.

Hopefully you all know about Finding Nemo's 3D release (which is technically a re-release even though it wasn't in 3D before) this September.  If not, sorry I haven't been keeping you up to date.  Hiatus, remember?  (And on a further note, Finding Nemo 2 coming in 2016.)

As is customary with Pixar's releases, there will be a Pixar short before Finding Nemo 3D.  What short?

Another Toy Story short!

This one will feature Rex as its main character, revolving around his life as a "partysaurus" during his new life as Bonnie's toy.

Entertainment Weekly just released an article online about the new short, giving us a sneak peek with a few pictures.

Notice anything funny (er, fuzzy) about Bonnie (in the bubbles) and her family's toilet?

Somebody should check to see if you-know-who is okay.
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