Friday, November 30, 2012

Is That Who I Think…?

Apologies for the fact that this is technically old news, but I figured some of you haven’t heard about it.  So might as well share, eh?

It’s always interesting when you see a familiar Disney character used outside of the company…oftentimes without Disney’s permission.  For example, I wrote a post about a familiar-looking mermaid among colored and shaped rubber bands.

Speaking of that mermaid, she’s popped up somewhere else.

And it really irks me.

Who’s the Hottest Disney Prince?

Or maybe just the cutest….

A college friend just two doors down from my dorm always has a fun poll on her whiteboard by her door.  One day it happened to be on the Disney Princes.

Cellphone picture if I remember correctly -- sorry for
bad quality!
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak; do not remove watermark.

Who would you vote for?

And who did I vote for?  Guess.


Wondering who that is in the bottom right corner?  I accidentally spelled his name wrong but he’s this guy.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

My (Disney character) best friend is celebrating his birthday today!

That’s right: today is Mickey’s (and his leading lady Minnie’s) birthday!

Their first clip, “Steamboat Willie,” came out today in theaters way back in 1928.  Even though Walt created Mickey earlier on a train, today was decided to be the Big Cheese’s big wonderful birthday!

And he’s 84 years old (and looking great!).

Of course, every birthday needs a song, so here’s one just for Mickey – even though he appears in it himself.  But I thought it was appropriate, being Disney and all.  (PS, expect a post just about this song eventually.)

Warning: this song is very catchy.  Be forewarned before you hit the play button!

Happy happy birthday to Mickey Mouse! Video from Youtube.

And in honor of my little buddy’s big day today, here’s what I did to celebrate:

The top of my left arm.
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak; do not remove watermark.

Back of my left hand.
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak; do not remove watermark.

The dry-erase board outside my dorm -- expect several more posts
about the Disney-themed messages I write there!
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak; do not remove watermark.

Wore my second favorite Mickey shirt today after work -- my favorite
isn't as warm.  Also wore red hairbands in my hair during work.  Couldn't
find any Mickey ones at Walmart on Friday.
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak; do not remove watermark.

See ya all real soon!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

(New) New Fantasyland Photos!

Hey fellow Mickey fans!  Missed me?  I apologize for lack of posting (again).  With Thanksgiving break around the corner, we only have two more weeks of school left!  So right now I’ve been having to focus on essays and studying for finals.  Not much time to post.  I’m sorry.  Hoping to get back on top of it over Christmas break and next semester – my schedule will be a bit lighter.

To get to the important stuff now…

The Disney Parks Blog recently released (okay so ten days ago) photos of New Fantasyland, in honor of its upcoming opening (at that time, a month away).

While all the sneak peek pictures were great, these ones really stood out to me.  And I thought I’d share (with of course, some of my thoughts).  Enjoy!

This picture comes from the attraction "Enchanted Tales
With Belle."  Could it be Belle's mother, unseen
on screen?
All pictures from the Disney Parks Blog gallery.
This one here comes from the new restaurant Be Our Guest.
Sound familiar?  Of course it does.
And so should this picture.
I love how the Imagineers are working on having so
many little things from the movie(s) show up in the
new attractions! So accurate and magical.
Also from Be Our Guest.
Such a cute portrait of the couple.
Once more, from Be Our Guest (the West Wing dining area).
And once more, the small details are great.
I've always loved this portrait from the movie.
And this one, from the new attraction/restuarant Gaston's Tavern,
just made me laugh!
No one brags like Gaston!

Have a fabulous day!  See ya all real soon!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Character Magic: A Surprise from Snow White

I’ve decided to start a new series where I’ll share with you a video I’ve found of Disney Parks characters staying believably in character, creating splendid magic for their visitors.  Videos of characters where the actors (ahem, ahem) are almost perfect examples of their movie characters will get special emphasis.

So to start us of right, why not look at an adorable encounter involving Walt’s leading lady?

I stumbled upon this video several years ago, I think, and fell in love with it.  Randomly and happily, I stumbled upon it again today.

In the video, two young children come across Snow White at Epcot.  The little girl is extremely happy – the video description says she had “been waiting all week for this moment” – and her brother is a bit shy.

Snow White has a surprise for him that puts a grin on his face though!

Video from YouTube.

Don’t you just love how bright Snow’s kiss mark is?  I do!

snow capture
Video capture by THE Disney Freak.
Taken from included video.


PS; Something I found a tad humorous watching this for the second time was how much Snow here sounded like my other best friend!  It’s not her though, if you’re wondering.