Saturday, March 31, 2012

Orange You Glad?

Orange you glad I'm posting?

Okay, that was kind of lame.  I admit it.

Let's pretend that never happened.

Remember that giveaway Disleelandia was doing?

If you liked their Facebook page, you were entered into a drawing to win a set of Orange Bird figurines.  And they also tossed in a few whistles if they reached a certain number of likes.

It ends today!  Please make sure you liked their page for a chance to win!  I'm assuming the winner will be posted/shared on either their Facebook page or on their blog.

And don't worry about chances -- they've got quite a few of the sets to give away.


  1. I like your blog :)
    The first line I saw was this "orange..." and it's really cheesy, but I love this whole thing about Disney! This is the first Disney blog I ever chanced upon and I LOVE Disney! Especially the Disney Princesses movies and a few special favorites like Bambi (which I saw in your post about Saddest Moments), The Fox and the Hound, WALL.E etc.
    I'll stay tuned!
    Orange you glad I commented? ;)

  2. Yes, I'm very glad!!
    Thanks so much! I'm very honored. Your blog is also quite great - I love reading too!
    If you want to follow any other Disney blogs, just go to my Blogger profile and I've got a whole bunch of them ;) They're all really great.
    Thanks for the follow!

  3. Hey!
    I love your blog! I LOVE DISNEY!!!!!!!
    I'm a new follower!!! :D

    Stop by my blog sometime! :)

  4. Thanks J.B.! I'm glad you like it so much -- please let your friends know!
    I did -- and it looks great. I'm going to follow it ;) Favor for a favor right?
    Haha just kidding. I'm an author/writer as well. Aside from this blog, I write books and stories, sometimes poems. How about you? What do you like to write the most? I see you've got a book's that?
    Again, thanks for checking out my site, following, and of course, liking it!
    Tell me, how did you find out about it?? Just curious.
    Thanks for making my day!!

  5. Oh, and since I like to promote things ;)
    Check out Sel's blog. She posts book reviews and such. I think you'll enjoy it. She commented above your comment. ;)


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