Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Head Over Heels...for Disney

Imagine this.  You're walking down the beach (I don't care where, just picture a beach!!), the sun's rays right on your face (ooohhh...soo warm), your hair streaming behind you in the breeze (or if your a guy, ruffled in the breeze), feeling the water tickle your toes.

What's missing?

Flip flops.

Though maybe barefoot isn't too bad.

Luckily, you won't have to worry about missing these summertime shoes at the Disney Parks.

Because they're making them for you!

That's right: Disney is releasing a line of flip flops for the Disney Parks.  The designs vary from Mickey himself to Disneyland Resort logo across the...what are flip flops made of?

The flip flops all come with these really cute...things on the straps, designed to look like a Mickey Mouse head with feet!  It sounds weird, but it's actually really cute.

Disney Parks Blog recently shared a post on these new fashion trends...and the flip flops are just too cute!  Like these ones:

Cute!  And a must-have for any Disney fan!
Picture from the Disney Parks Blog.

That first pair has my name on it...

I don't mean literally.  (Wish!)

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