Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Can You Keep a Secret?

Hope you're okay with "potty" mouth.  I mean, 3-year-old potty mouth.  You'll see what I'm getting at.

So this happened literally less than five minutes ago, and I just had to share!

My little baby sister, 3-years-old, and I were eating some right-before-dinner snacks (small ones!) when she realized she had to go to the bathroom.  She's been potty trained for awhile now, but I was still sort of surprised she didn't need any help.  Only a few days ago, she did -- which included basically just standing nearby really.

So halfway through I'm waiting for the flush when she pops, er waddles out, dress tucked into her underwear and pants at the bottom of her legs.

"What are you doing?"

"I need help with my pants."

Of course, being the good elder sibling I am, I headed over there and helped.  "Wash your hands and flush, okay?"

"I know," she says in that matter-of-fact, but adorable, voice (because 3-year-olds know everything!).

So I sit back down and wait for the flush.

She finally gets around to it, but then again she pops out, smiling.

"Did you wash your hands?" I ask, looking down at her as she's come over to stand by my chair.

"No, not yet," she says and leans forward, like she's going to whisper in my ear.  I reel backwards.

"I have to tell you a secret."

"Well, just don't touch me, okay?  Your hands are gross."  And I lean back down.

After attempting to push my hair away from my ear, she pulls her hand back as I do it myself (her hands are gross, remember?)  "I went p--p in the potty," she whispers.

(There, I'll do some censoring for you.  Does that make this a clean G-rated post?)

I nod, straightening.  "Did you?  Good job.  Now go wash your hands."

Off she goes.

So I sit there again and wait for the running water.

When it stops, she comes back out and heads right for me again.  Another secret?  You bet.  I lean down, but she tucks back my hair this time (she washed them, okay?).

"I killed Mufasa."

"Nooo!" I scream.  "Murderer!"

She laughs, and we do it again.  And again.  And again.

Young Disney Freak.  Gotta love.

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