Thursday, April 5, 2012

What Do Others Make of Disney Freaking?

Good question.

I'm guessing you'd like me to answer that, huh?

Too bad, I'm not going to.

My grandma is.

So technically the post's title should have been "What Does Another Person Make of Disney Freaking?".

There.  Corrective advertising.

The Answer...

"You've got mail!" my dad told me just a few moments ago.

I was hoping it was from one of my friends, who'd recently traveled out of the country and had promised me a postcard (for my collection).  Instead, dear old Grandma had sent me something.

My grandma is great.  I can't really describe her greatness in a single post.  She's always sending me short little newspaper clippings, usually something about writing, as that's what I do aside from school and this blog.

Yep, it was a clipping.

However, it was on Disney.

Someone in the local newspaper (for her; she lives 3 hours away) had written about being Disney freak.  But it was what my grandma wrote in the short included note that caught my attention.

"(I) thought you might enjoy it.  You are not alone in your addiction."

So there you have it.  I'm addicted.

According to my grandma.

I don't know about the others.

Oh wait.  I corrected that.

Hello, My Name Is....

THE (Addicted) Disney Freak.

Thank you.


  1. I'm right with you on that one!! :) Proud of it!


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