Thursday, April 12, 2012

Merida's Brave Story

Disney released yet another trailer for Brave (which is a good thing!).  This trailer highlights the back story of Merida, which is helpful.

Why is it helpful?

Let me explain.

Sunday (yes, Easter Sunday) I headed over to my Bestie's house for an egg hunt.  And as the parents made abundantly clear, it's not your typical little-kids-look-there's-the-Easter-Bunny-hey-what's-that-over-there-wink-wink egg hunt.

No, this was a teenage egg hunt.

Think money.  And woods.

You're pretty dang close.

We had some extra time until the adults were done hiding the eggs, so she flipped open her Mac.  She showed me a few funny talking animal videos, and then I showed her the Pixar short "George and AJ."

And one of the videos on the side of the screen (you know how YouTube pops up similar videos alongside the one you're watching) was the first trailer for Brave.

And she didn't know anything about it!

So when I tried to explain it, all I could really get out was "Really great Pixar movie coming out."

Not exactly what she was looking for (but she did watch the trailer).

Now with this new trailer, I can give a little more info.  So thank you Disney!


  1. I can't EVEN express how much I'm looking forward to this! Looks like it's going to be a great way to apologize for Cars 2.

  2. Omg I'm SO EXCITED!!! I completely agree with Dewey. It's about time Pixar started making original stories again :))

    1. My Disney Family and I were just watching The Incredibles. I realize this is a bit of a different story, but I'm really hoping they do an original, really splendidly done picture again. I just can't wait! That's all ;)

    2. Ahhh I've been meaning to watch The Incredibles lately...I watched Iron Man 2 yesterday and whenever Samuel L. Jackson said the word "suit" I freaked because it reminded me of Frozone loll.

      I hope so too!!! Hopefully Brave is splendid and original :)


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