Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just One of Those Days...

Ever had one of those days?

We all have.

Even Disney characters.

I found out about this video through The Disney Diner, and I have to admit, some of them are pretty funny.  But poor Mickey!

What I want to know was that an articulated head?  It didn't look like one.  I guess his eye just fell out.

That wasn't the real Mickey, folks.  It was one of his helpers.  Just like Santa.  In case you were wondering...


  1. Hahaha omg the Pluto one was so unfortunate!! && I've actually been on that Disney cruise....that would have been so awkward if your eye just..fell out like that! Goodness. That's a really long sailing away party thing too. I wonder how he managed the rest of the performance lol.

    1. I showed The Disney Mermaid the video, and she was like "Poor kid!" Not that the kid was landing on pillows, anyway. Yeah, the Mickey one is actually kind of scary. Just a tad.

    2. Lol I could imagine the little kids being freaked out... "Mickey lost an eye!! Mommy what happened to his eye??"

    3. It was quite smart of him to cover it up...too bad they didn't have a pirate eye patch handy.

  2. I feel bad for the cast members, but these clips were hilarious! After being bowled over, that little kid will probably grow up with a Pluto complex. :) Fun vid. Thanks for posting.

    1. I feel bad for them too, especially since people like to point fingers and laugh at Disney's mistakes. Come on, they're just people like you and me. We all make mistakes. The important part is to focus on the magic, which Disney does a fantastic job of creating.

      One thing I thought about this morning was that the poor people in the costumes (you never can tell the gender unless it's a face character) are going to be teased by their co-workers for awhile. Especially Darth Vadar, I'm thinking! :)


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