Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Puzzling Achievement

When I arrived home for summer break, my siblings couldn’t wait to show me the latest surprise present from Grandma.  It was a jigsaw puzzle.  And the reason they were so excited to show it to me was because the puzzle image showed tons of Disney merchandise, arranged in a really cool collage.

Called The Disney Treasury, this puzzle consists of 550 pieces (easy, right?) and was distributed by Golden.  Find it for sale here, if you’d like one.  My grandma bought it used from someone, so I don’ know the price, but online it’s being sold for $15 or so.

Well, anyway, the first week and a half home, I spent the time deep-cleaning out my room of any junk and reorganizing practically everything.  So MDF was especially upset because she wanted to get this puzzle started, and apparently everyone had agreed that they weren’t going to start it until I could help them.  I am THE Disney Freak, after all.

One day, my fellow horse-loving friend came over to hang out, as we were both home from college (while all the rest of our MN friends were still in school).  Typically, when she visits, we watch a movie she hasn’t seen yet and do a puzzle.

So as expected, we did a puzzle.

And which one was lying around waiting to be done?

The Disney Treasury.

Of course.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

King Louie’s Still Got the Beat!

Extremely recently, I posted about the upcoming show ‘Mickey and the Magical Map,’ coming to Disneyland’s Fantasyland Theater.  In fact, said post had a title basically the same as this one’s (find the difference?).

In that post, I shared with you a clip of a backstage rehearsal of The Jungle Book number “I Wanna Be Like You” used in the show.

Well, literally two days ago, (get used to see them mentioned a lot around here!) shared even more exclusive sneak peeks at the showOne of the videos they posted shows a preview of a dress rehearsal for the show, including the King Louie piece, now complete with costumes and set!

And, sorry Dewey, but the stilted dancers aren’t giraffes.

Video form YouTube. Check out the article for another cool behind-the-scenes video! Random, but in the thumbnail, Flynn looks like he’s just seen a ghost!

The screen (er, I mean, the magical map) looks great.  However, Yen Sid did look a bit…unfinished?  Something just seemed off with him.

I really really love the “I Wanna Be Like You” number, especially with the colorful jungle set!  I thought it was interesting that the trumpet player wasn’t the same guy from before -- and yet the article has a picture with the original guy.  And did some of the dance moves for Louie change?  Well, I still love it anyway.

Love this set so much!
Video screencapture by THE Disney Freak and
taken from the included video.
And the ending scene (of the video) with Flynn and Rapunzel, Pocahontas, and Mulan almost gives me chills.  It’s very well-done.  I had a hard time understanding what Pocahontas was singing – “I See the Light” with our Tangled stars or “Just Around the Riverbend”?  I’m not sure.

Such a great scene.
Video screencapture by THE Disney Freak and
taken from the included video.
All in all, I am really excited to see this show – online, of course, and hopefully someday at Disneyland.  While I don’t expect it to replace Fantasmic! as my absolute favorite show (really, anything Disney), I do think Mickey and his magical map will become a new favorite of mine.

See ya all real soon!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Maximus’ Makeover

One time as I was chilling with Minnie Disney Freak and Young Disney Freak, I realized a certain horse had gotten a makeover.

Maybe he just got up?
Do not remove watermark.

He's going for the more natural, beach look.  I hear
it's popular now.
Do not remove watermark.

I’d say he’s the mane event, but well, then I’d be lion-ing.

See ya all real soon!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wow, I Wish I Could Speak Whale…

I love Ellen.

She’s one of the few comedians who can make me genuinely laugh out loud.

And the best part?

She plays my probably absolute favorite Pixar character: Dory.

Speaking of Dory, doesn’t she know (or has she forgotten?) how to speak whale?

Video from YouTube. I laughed my head off when I first saw this!

Ellen recently shared (below) this online video on her show – a video of two killer whales following a whale-watching boat.  It’s pretty unbelievable.

And the only connection it has to do with Disney is Ellen herself…and her short whale-speak.


Video from YouTube.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

King Louie’s Got the Beat!

There’s a new show coming to Disneyland Park’s Fantasyland Theater: Mickey and the Magical Map!

Opening later this month (May 25th, to be exact), the show will be about (who else?) Mickey Mouse who through the powers of a (I’ll let you guess) magical map, travels to different worlds and meets up with some favorite Disney characters.

Many popular Disney sites, such as and the Disney Parks Blog, have shared this short clip of a rehearsal of the The Jungle Book segment, featuring an awesome articulated King Louie!

Video from YouTube. (one of my new favorite sources) has a great article detailing some more sneak peeks to the showAs the article states, “[Disney’s] trying to put a modern twist on some Disney classics. This one infused a slight Bollywood feel into the swingin’ tune. Don’t be alarmed. They’re not ruining the classics. This was a really good arrangement.”  I totally agree.  This is a great version of an old Disney classic.

Finally, just wanted to point out that the trumpet player is indeed really playing.  I also love the fact that even just watching the dancers instead of King Louie is entertaining.  Great dance moves for this song.

I’m really curious what the dancers on stilts are supposed to be in the final show.  Guess I’m gonna have to wait and see in ten days!

Video screencapture by THE Disney Freak and taken from the included video.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Merida’s New Look

NOTE: I promised this post a week ago.  Before I start, please be aware that a lot has happened in those seven short days concerning this controversy, so I will try to sum it up as best I can.

Hopefully, you are aware of our newest Disney Princess Royal Court member – Merida.  If not, I direct you to this previous post.

Along with including Merida in the Royal Court, Disney also is including her in Disney Princess merchandise. To do so, they had to convert her from 3D to a 2D figure.  As they did with Tangled’s Rapunzel.

You’d think this would be simple.

It wasn’t.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Welcome…Princess Merida!

It’s official – Merida, Scottish star of Disney-Pixar’s features Brave, is now an official Disney Princess.

Not just a princess in the Disney franchise.  No, she’s now the 11th member of the Disney Royal Court aka the official lineup for the Disney Princess franchise.

Take a look with me at the royal festivities!

I Am Merida…And I Am a Princess!

This morning at 9:30, the ceremonies began at Disney World

Video from YouTube. Leave it to to always create an amazing video!

In a pretty epic coronation ceremony, all the members of the Royal Court showed up in front of Cinderella Castle to welcome the newest member, who came in riding on Angus (that was sweet!) with banners and Scottish dancers.  Let me just say at this point that I love how “Merida” stayed in perfect character during the entire ceremony – just wonderful!

All images, unless specified, are from

Joining the Royal Court on the stage, Merida told everyone how excited she was to be here and then the proclamation was read.  Her mother Queen Elinor (yeah, that’s right!  Her first Park appearance!) came out and crowned Merida, making her the 11th member.

I love Queen Elinor so much!
The speech she gave to Merida was so cute!

Image from

Then there was a really really cute hug between mother and daughter.

I can't tell you how much I am in love with this!

And then the best part: Merida happily stood before the audience in her new crown and proclaimed, “I am strong. I am brave.  I am Merida…and I am a princess!”

I just can't.

Love love love!

Cue fan girl screams now.  Man, Disney sure knows how to do it right.

After Queen Elinor gave Merida her bow, Merida joined the rest of the Royal Court for a final photo opportunity – a once-in-a-lifetime one until Princesses numbers 12 and 13 come in 2014.

Wishing so hard that I had been there!

Welcome Princess Merida to the Disney Royal Court!

What a smile!

Reaction: *sigh*...just magical



Here’s the video of the coronation from Disney Parks Blog, showing different angles/views of the event!  Enjoy!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Once Upon a Time in New Fantasyland….

So I’ve talked with you a bit about the show Once Upon a Time on ABC.  I know I hadn’t said much, but that’s because I’m not very familiar with the show.  So this post is not going to be about my opinions (well, just a little).

DisneyParks recently posted two new videos on their YouTube channelThe Evil Queen/Regina from the show “tours” New Fantasyland and begins brooding her plans for taking over.  Though it’s funny and interesting, at heart you know it’s really just an promo.

And at first, it may seem like the perfect matching – a fairytale show selling a fairytale kingdom amusement park – but keep in mind that Disney owns ABC.

Here’s the promo below, and the second video is of some behind the scenes stuffWouldn’t that have been cool to have been at the Parks the day of the filming?  UPDATE: My fellow blogger Sara pointed out in the comments below that all the extras were actually entertainment cast members, so can you imagine what it would have been like to be a cast member available that day?

Both videos from YouTube.

Okay, time for some opinions – but I promise not a lot!

I actually really do enjoy Lana’s interpretation of the Evil Queen.  Granted, I haven’t seen much, but from this and the stuff I read about and see, I really dig her character.  Just my kind of bad guy.

The ending is also hilarious.  Even I was laughing.

Great way to end it.
Video screencapture by THE Disney Freak taken from included (top) video.

And was that David Ogden Stiers narrating?  Sure sounded like it!  But then again, probably anyone could pull that voice off.

See ya all real soon!

Take a Wild Ride!

Awhile ago, around the middle of April, my friend Bridget and I went to the local thrift shop in Atchison.  My semester was getting to be stressed and not fun for me, so she wanted to have me do something for fun, not for school or work.  And I love thrift stores, so she decided to take me there.

While the overall selection wasn’t as great as other thrift stores, they did have plenty of books and movies!  I got like 12 books, 3 VHS tapes, a Animal Kingdom glass, a present for Bestie, and a present for Roomie all for $4!  I couldn’t believe it.

One of the VHS tapes I got was The Wind in the Willows, which originally was half of the animated feature The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. ToadThis is a classic Disney film, the 11th animated feature in the animated canon, so I figured it would be fun to get it for the kids (as in siblings) to watch and enjoy.

Even though I’ve had the VHS sitting in my dorm room for awhile, I didn’t get home until late Tuesday night.  We watched the movie today – twice!  It’s actually very cute and funny, and I really enjoyed the characters.

Both videos are from YouTube. Note the title card.

Upon doing research on the movie, as I like to learn trivial information and facts about movies I watch, I remembered that there is a ride at Disneyland based on the short film (and there once was a similar ride at Disney World before the Pooh ride replaced it). 

Like the movie, the dark ride is wild and crazy, so the videos on YouTube don’t really do it justice, but you can get an idea of what it’s like.

That’s all for now.  I’ll be posting again really soon for Merida’s coronation – just two days away!


Oh, and PS: it’s DSO’s birthday today!