Sunday, May 19, 2013

King Louie’s Got the Beat!

There’s a new show coming to Disneyland Park’s Fantasyland Theater: Mickey and the Magical Map!

Opening later this month (May 25th, to be exact), the show will be about (who else?) Mickey Mouse who through the powers of a (I’ll let you guess) magical map, travels to different worlds and meets up with some favorite Disney characters.

Many popular Disney sites, such as and the Disney Parks Blog, have shared this short clip of a rehearsal of the The Jungle Book segment, featuring an awesome articulated King Louie!

Video from YouTube. (one of my new favorite sources) has a great article detailing some more sneak peeks to the showAs the article states, “[Disney’s] trying to put a modern twist on some Disney classics. This one infused a slight Bollywood feel into the swingin’ tune. Don’t be alarmed. They’re not ruining the classics. This was a really good arrangement.”  I totally agree.  This is a great version of an old Disney classic.

Finally, just wanted to point out that the trumpet player is indeed really playing.  I also love the fact that even just watching the dancers instead of King Louie is entertaining.  Great dance moves for this song.

I’m really curious what the dancers on stilts are supposed to be in the final show.  Guess I’m gonna have to wait and see in ten days!

Video screencapture by THE Disney Freak and taken from the included video.



  1. My money is on the stilted ones being giraffes

  2. Ooh good bet! I didn't think of that since giraffes aren't in the original scene. But maybe...playing drums? :)


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