Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The New Prince is Born!

It isn’t every day that a young prince is born, you know.

One of Walt’s most celebrated classics, Bambi celebrates its 71st anniversary today!

Who doesn’t love the memorable animated classic about a young deer’s journey through life, love, and loss

To celebrate, here are some of my favorite moments from the film.  Of course, it would be best to just link to the entire film, but I can’t – even so, I included many moments below!

"My little Bambi..."
GIF from cocolamimi.tumblr
The Great Prince of the Forest.
This was always basically my favorite part as a child.
Image from owlcaps.tumblr


Adorable animals — the cutest furry Disney friends http://bit.ly/12PFccN
That moment when we know they are
going to be best friends.
GIF from stuffuwanttosee.com
Just look at that face!
GIF from noliesjustlove26.tumblr
Bunny attack!
GIF from bitterstar88.tumblr
Cuteness overload.
GIF from whatshouldglotzbachcallme.tumblr

Bambi's face.  Lol.
GIF from gif-able.tumblr

Bambi walking
GIF from Oh My Disney

Bird or butterfly?
GIF from a-less-ordinary-life.tumblr

Thumper's so cute when he's being smart.
GIF from doesnfit.tumblr

We are introduced to Flower, who is probably
the sweetest little skunk you will ever meet.
GIF from rejpmi.tumblr

The start of one of the most amazing pieces
of animation, I think.
This GIF and the one below both from

Simply breathtaking.  Imagine the hours put in.

And of course, Bambi's first meeting with Faline.
GIF from laurawrasaurus.tumblr.com
Bambi meets his father for the first time.
Image from owlcaps.tumblr

Bambi discovers snow...so cute!
GIF and GIF below both from magda-lennah.tumblr
And Bambi learns about death.
Image from the Disney Wiki.

they’re twitterpated!
Ahh, the "twitterpated" scene never failed to make me laugh!
Image from nicetry-stephenfry.tumblr

Friend Owl explains about twitterpated-ness.
Adults now, Bambi, Thumper, and Flower all declare they
will never become twitterpated.
GIF from capturing-kawaii.tumblr

But Flower is the first to fall in love.
Image from onemystery.tumblr
And then Thumper...
GIF from miamikkelsen.tumblr
Followed by Bambi, of course, after
he receieves a kiss from Faline.
This GIF and the following one
are both from laurawrasaurus.tumblr

After defeating a rival buck, Bambi proves his love to Faline.

"Two of them!"
Image and one below both from the Disney Wiki.

Aw, the tears, the tears!
"I just love happy endings." - Flora

Happy birthday to Bambi and all the rest of his forest friends!

See you all real soon!


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