Thursday, August 1, 2013

Earlier Version of “The Sword in the Stone”

A few hours ago, USA Today released an exclusive video on their website which shows a glimpse into an alternative opening to Disney’s The Sword and the Stone.

As The Sword and the Stone is being released to DVD and Blu-ray for it’s 50th anniversary this year, Disney decided it was time to show us just how different the film might have started out being….

Here’s the video they posted showing an alternative opening.

And for those of you who have forgotten, here’s the original opening leading up to Wart’s mission into the forest.

Video from YouTube.

What do you think of the alternative opening?  I personally find it interesting – Madam Mim appears slotted to be an even bigger antagonist than she is in the final version.  And the mentioned black knight… Was he changed to the random stranger at the end of the film

Your thoughts?


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