Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Disney Animation News from D23!

So this past weekend, I was up north at my grandma’s house.  But over in California, something else, something much more amazing, was happening.

The D23 Expo.

For those of you who don’t know, D23 is the ultimate Disney fan club, and they now have free membership by the way!  (Which for some reason, I cannot seem to be able to buy, and it’s really frustrating me to no end.)

Now, a lot happens at the D23 Expo, so I’m not going to cover it all.  But I am going to cover what I think is one of the most important events: the animation panel.  This is when Disney reveals the upcoming animated films, which for me is very exciting.

So let’s dive in!

Inside the Magic, of course, was on hand to cover D23, and this is their video with highlights from the animation presentation.

Both videos are from YouTube. Notice anything different about John Lasseter’s shirts throughout the presentation?

And now that you have a visual, I suggest reading Oh My Disney’s article on the animation panel.  Just to definitely understand everything below.

All six images are from technicolordisney.tumblr

Personally, I am over the top excited for Frozen and Finding Dory, but Pixar is (almost) always amazing, so I’m pretty sure I’ll love The Good Dinosaur and The Inside OutZootopia is a project I hadn’t heard of yet, but it sounds awesome – okay, I’m a bit biased because I personally adore foxes.

Big Hero 6? Not my kind of movie.  Yet. 

And Planes: Fire and Rescue?  I haven’t been excited about the first one, so why am I going to be excited for the next two sequels?  Personally, I don’t even like the DisneyToon Studio since they are the cause of the pretty terrible sequels and horrible Disney Fairies movies.  (Those last four words should cover The Pirate Fairy.)

Also, I want to point out how hilariously awesome John Ratzenberger’s entrance with a marching band was.  Point made, John.

The real Pixar lucky charm!
Image from insidethemagic.net

So to close this post, here’s the video of Idina Menzel performing “Let it Go” from Frozen.  I think this is such a powerful ballad that many people will relate to, which is why Disney music is so great.

They did have to cut the song short in the video, for copyright reasons I am sure, but it could have been done more smoothly… Warning to earbud users!


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