Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dearest Friends (Part II)

Hey ya'll.

Long time, no post.

I know.

Still on hiatus.

But I'm loving it at college, and things are starting to settle down a bit and get into routine (classes started today, and freshman orientation is over).  So I should be able to know when I can start blogging again on a weekly basis.  Or more-than-once-a-week basis.

You get the idea.

I should have an idea of my schedule on Saturday.

Looking forward to posting for all of you again!


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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Is He Okay?

Another surprise post during my hiatus! MMM and The Beast went out tonight, giving me babysitting duties, so I took advantage of time and four movie-enthralled kids to write this all this.

Hopefully you all know about Finding Nemo's 3D release (which is technically a re-release even though it wasn't in 3D before) this September.  If not, sorry I haven't been keeping you up to date.  Hiatus, remember?  (And on a further note, Finding Nemo 2 coming in 2016.)

As is customary with Pixar's releases, there will be a Pixar short before Finding Nemo 3D.  What short?

Another Toy Story short!

This one will feature Rex as its main character, revolving around his life as a "partysaurus" during his new life as Bonnie's toy.

Entertainment Weekly just released an article online about the new short, giving us a sneak peek with a few pictures.

Notice anything funny (er, fuzzy) about Bonnie (in the bubbles) and her family's toilet?

Somebody should check to see if you-know-who is okay.
Picture from


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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ginny Tyler Goodbye

She charmed us as the lovestruck squirrel in The Sword in the Stone who sadly was unlucky in love.

Picture from the Disney Wiki.
Ginny Tyler, a Disney Legend inductee, died earlier last month at "a Washington nursing home" (Wikipedia).  She was 86.

Tyler provided the voices of a few background characters in some Disney movies and a few Disney Parks rides.  Aside from the red-headed squirrel in The Sword in the Stone, she also voiced the singing lambs in Mary Poppins and even (uncredited) the bees from Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Trees! At the Parks, she provided voices for Enchanted Tiki Room's pre-show, Snow White's Scary Adventures, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

An interesting non-Disney role she had was the voice (uncredited) of Polynesia from Doctor Doolittle starring Rex Harrison, a movie I particularly love.

Probably her most famous role was as the "'last original Mousekeeter'" (The Disney Wiki). According to the Disney Wiki, "when the 'Mickey Mouse Club' was re-introduced for national TV syndication in 1962, Southern California viewers were treated to special new sequences in which Ginny explored Disneyland park. She interviewed cast members, ventured behind the scenes and shared the fun in almost every nook and cranny."  I believe this was perhaps her only onscreen role, as she did mostly off screen voice acting.

Farewell, Ginny Tyler, and give Walt Disney a big hug up there for us Disney Freaks down here.  We will miss you.

A quick note: I found out about her death just today in Time while waiting at the orthodontist's.  She actually died on July 13th I found out while doing research for this post, so I apologize for the, er, late obituary here.


Over at the Disney Parks Blog, the recent post on Ginny Tyler notes that she died on Friday the 13th!  What a coincidence for a woman who provided some witch cackles for Snow White's Scary Adventures.