Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Best Tribute I Can Give to SWSA

Today's the day.

The last day.

For a heroine.

Picture from the Disney Wiki.

To receive a poison apple.

Picture from the Disney Wiki.

But then to receive a True Love's kiss.

I have forgotten the source of this picture, but I'm pretty sure it
was once the Disney Wiki.  It seems to have now been

And wake up.

In Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Florida, USA.

Snow White's Scary Adventures has its last day today, and then it will be torn down to make way for new parts of the Park.

Farewell to Snow White's Scary AdventuresI enjoyed my first and only ride back in 2008, and that ride turned SWSA into one of my favorite rides at Walt Disney World.

And here's my reaction to the fact that it's being removed:

I stubbornly refused to believe it at first, but it's true.
Snow White's Scary Adventures is leaving Walt Disney World.
Guess I'll have to catch a ride at Disneyland or Tokyo...
but it won't be the same.
Picture from a tumblr blog I follow and can't find now....

I wish I was there, riding one last time.  Maybe in spirit, I am.


  1. Wish you could have been there too. It was sad but joyful too. Much like a funeral. People were paying their respects but also sharing their good memories with others.


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