Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cutting Class: New Brave Clip

If only all classes were like this, I'd always look forward to school!

This video is fairly new - it was posted on YouTube by ThePixarPost on Sunday.  As always, every Brave trailer aims to please, and at least in for me, always hits that mark!

I love how Queen Elinor (who is slowly becoming one of my favorite characters) always thinks her husband is on her side only to find out, well, Merida is a lot like her father and putting them together doesn't work out the way Elinor would like.

The one thing I'd really like to see, speaking of Queen Elinor, is how she and Fergus got together.  She's so diplomatic while he's just a guy who wants to have fun.  And it seems the kids take on after him.

There's a video on the King and Queen, but it really doesn't discuss much, except that they couldn't be any more different from each other.

By the way, sorry about the weird sound issue in this video in the middle of it.  And I'm also sorry that I've been unable to do a post on every new Brave trailer that comes out - there are just too many of them!  Some of them I haven't even seen yet, but I try to share my favorite ones here on the blog.

See ya all real soon!

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  1. Born and raised in Disneyland. Well, Anaheim, anyway. Grew up going to Disney a few times a year and I am a Disney FANATIC!!! Love everything about it!
    New follower here :)

    1. Thanks for the follow! Hope you enjoy my blog!

    2. By the way, Judy, how'd you find out about my blog? Just curious. :)


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