Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today in Disney History...

Goofy made his film debut.

That's right.  According to the Disney Parks Blog, Goofy appeared in the 1932 animated short "Mickey's Revue" (interestingly, there's also a Parks "ride" with a similar name).

Goofy (or Dippy Dawg as he was back
then) in "Mickey's Revue."
Picture from the Disney Parks Blog.

However, Goofy was originally named Dippy Dawg.  It wasn't until 1939 when he became known as Goofy.

Here's to the dog that brings a goofy smile on Disney fans' faces.

I thought this was the best picture from
the gallery at the Disney Parks Blog.
So cute!
And a great post "ender!"
Picture from the Disney Parks Blog

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