Monday, May 7, 2012


The other day, MINnIe Disney Freak got to pick out a movie to watch.  She chose VeggieTales.

The episode Very Silly Songs! in fact.

It's been awhile understandably since I've watched this movie, but the songs are like Disney songs: they stick with you for awhile!

Well, we got to the song "Dance of the Cucumber."  In this song, Larry the Cucumber is dancing around in a sombrero, singing in Spanish.  Bob the Tomato translates.

Eventually, Bob realizes Larry is making fun of him in Spanish:

Larry: "!Pobre tomate!"
Bob: "Poor tomato!"
Larry: "El deberia poder bailar"
Bob: "He wishes he could dance"
Larry: "Como el pepino"
Bob: "like the cucumber"
Larry: "libre y suavemente."
Bob: "free and smooth."
Larry: "Pero el no puede danzar."
Bob: "But he can't ... Okay! Stop the music! What do ya mean I can't
dance? I can dance! What about Uncle Louie's polka party? Didn't you see
me dancing at Uncle Louie's polka party?"

(Lyrics from ST Lyrics - great site!)

Right about here, after Larry refuses to listen to Bob ("No comprendo," he says), Junior Asparagus appears.  He asks that his dad get a picture of him and the dancing cucumber.

And also right about here, I paused, staring at Junior.

He's got Mickey Mouse ears on!

Disney reference!

Makes your day, doesn't it?

Well, anyway, that's really all I have to share with you.  Junior and his parents are dressed as Disney tourists, and the "Seven Dwarfs" make an appearance chasing after Junior's mom: "I think the dwarfs have your mother confused with someone else!"

The dwarfs run by very quickly, with only really their hats visible.  Impossible to tell which ones as only a few run by.

The Disney Mermaid turns to me after the reference finishes and says, "You've got to put that in your blog."

So here it is.

See ya all real soon!

(If you're wondering, the song first appeared in the episode Rack, Shack, and BennyWikipedia's article mentions this scene.)

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