Sunday, May 27, 2012

And the Winner Is...

Good afternoon, all!  Greetings from northern Minnesota, where I sit in an armchair at my grandma's.  Yes, that same grandma that I've mentioned at least three times thus far on this blog.  The other day, I suddenly realized she's been getting some mention and will continue to get some, but this member of My Disney Family doesn't have a name yet!  I'll get to that soon.

But I'm not posting about that.  That was a short side trail from my main train of thought.

Instead, I'm posting a sort of late update on that contest Design by Me!

We have a winner, my friends.

And the winner's shirt happened to be one of my favorites (the three I shared and couldn't pick from).

The chosen shirt is the one of Mickey's famous face which is made up of several Disney characters. 

From the Disney Store website, I found this statement from the winner Christy W.

"'I have long admired the tradition, creativity, and imagination that symbolizes the Disney company...I am humbled to be a small part of that tradition...It was truly "all started by a mouse" - all the characters that each and every Disney fan knows and loves....I am thrilled that so many Disney fans share that ideology along with me and are so excited to wear this new design.'"
(Source: The Disney Store, Design by Me winning t-shirt page)

Christy did a fantastic job of using this phrase in her winning design: "all started with a mouse."  Mickey Mouse is the main character on the shirt, but since he started everything Disney, the characters make up him.

Congratulations, Christy, and splendid job!  For the rest of you, order your shirt now!

Speaking of Mickey Mouse shirts, did you wear your Mickey today?

See ya all real soon!

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