Thursday, April 26, 2012

Design By Me: Vote Now!

Not only is there a Disney Parks Blog, but there's also a Disney Store blog.

It's called The Buzz.

I'm not sure if it's named after Buzz Lightyear or if they just use him as their...mascot since the names match.


The Buzz just featured a contest called "Design by Me" for talented artists around the globe to submit their designs for t-shirts guessed it, the one and only Mickey Mouse!

And the designs are just awesome!  Honestly, I can't choose my favorite(s).

I like this one a lot.  It's unique with
a different take on Mickey.
It's winning so far!!
Picture from The Buzz.
Also a very interesting unique one.
Makes me think of Epic Mickey
actually.  Nice use of colors.
Picture from The Buzz.
Probably one of the most creative ones:
Disney characters make up the black and red
parts of Mickey's familiar face!
Took me awhile to get it.
Picture from The Buzz.

Which isn't a good thing because The Buzz needs my vote, and yours too!

By going to their Facebook page, you can vote for your favorite (one favorite!! Oh gosh) design.  The winning t-shirt will become part of the Disney merchandise as an official Disney t-shirt!

According to The Buzz, you can cast a vote each day.

So get voting!

As soon as you decide on your favorite.  One favorite.

Just one.


  1. Gah! I can't decide!!

    I like the first's unique.
    Then I look at the second one, it's creative.
    Then I look at the third's genius, but at the same time kind of seen before because of the giant mouse face.

    I guess I'll just have to close my eyes and hope for the best! ;)

    1. I'm in the same predicament. Do you like either of the other two I didn't include?

    2. I actually like the techno looking one...with all of the mickeys in neon colors?

    3. My nameless sister liked that one too. I don't really much care for it.

    4. It's just a specific taste. They're still all fabulous!


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