Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Morning America And Disney

As always, I was just surfing my blogs to see if anything really Disney newsworthy had come up, anything I thought would be worth repeating.

And as always, there was something.

The Disney Parks Blog this time.  If you haven't checked them out yet, you should.

According to a new post, "Good Morning America" teamed up with Disney for the GMA Disney Memory Makers, and the winners were awarded this morning live on the show.

"The contest asked viewers to nominate someone special in their lives who created an amazing memory for them. Three winners were chosen: Two girls who helped save their mother’s life; a member of the U.S. Armed Forces who returned from Afghanistan to quickly become a stepfather to three teenagers; and a boy who made senior year memorable for a student with Downs Syndrome by taking her to the prom," reported Jennifer Fickly-Baker, Social Media Manager, over at the blog (she wrote the post).

When the winners were awarded today, the show hosts surprised them live at Times Square.  With the hosts were the Big Cheese himself and his girl--Mickey and Minnie!

The winners each received a trip to a Disney Park.

The post included a link to a yahoo video.  The winners' stories were explained (wow, my own eyes are watery), and then Mickey and Minnie ran in!

It was kind of cute, actually.  GMA co-host Lara Spencer introduced them as the biggest memory makers of all.  And that's definitely true!  Ask any Disney Parks visitor, and I bet you money that one of their biggest memories (past or present) is meeting Mickey and/or Minnie.

Well, I won't bet on myself, as I haven't met them yet (still getting over that fear).  I do have an autograph though!

So to end this post, here's to the heroes who pretty soon will be saying "Good morning, America!" from a Disney Park.

Here's to all our heroes!

(Note: I'm so sorry that all my posts have been lacking pictures lately!  It's been hard to find pictures that aren't copyrighted....And is it just me, or did my font change?? Now it's really weird, and I actually have trouble looking at it, it's so distracting!)

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