Thursday, April 26, 2012

Epic Mickey 2 Trailer!

Any of you heard of Epic Mickey?  It's a Disney video game for Wii where Mickey is pulled (literally) into a world of forgotten characters (a world that he *SPOILER* ruined) to fix what he (*SPOILER*) messed up (didn't I just say that?).

Well the video game was/is spectacular.  My Disney Family owns it (because I saw it was on sale and organized the saving-up for it).

Sorry, I just like to take credit where it's owed.

The game is actually lots of fun and keeps you on your toes trying to overcome the obstacles Mickey faces.  My family and I haven't finished it quite yet, but we're loving it so far!

The game has done so well that Disney has developed a sequel, and the trailer just got released!

This time, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has paired up with Mickey ("The Power of Two" part) where before in the first game he started out as a jealous enemy.

The sequel's cover.
Looks exciting!
Photo from The Disney Diner (where I found the trailer).

I was disappointed (but not surprised) that the sequel's trailer avoids any dialogue other than the narrator's.  Why am I not surprised but disappointed?

In the original game, the characters only spoke in grunts and other sounds while their "lines" were shown on the screen.  However, Disney revealed that in this game, the characters will be speaking full dialogue.  So I wasn't expecting them to give us a preview of that, but it would have been kind of fun.

Oh well.

A good thing to note about the full dialogue is that this means Oswald's voice will be heard...for the first time!

I couldn't remember the source where I first heard about this, but on Wikipedia's article on Oswald, it states that "will feature full voiced cut scenes introducing Frank Welker as Oswald's first voice actor."

It's funny how my brother keeps mentioning that "they'll ruin Oswald's voice."  How can one ruin a character's voice when it hasn't even been done before?  This will be Oswald's debut voice.

Interestingly enough, the Disney Wiki mentions that Welker did Oswald's sound effects in the first game, so it's not like they're bringing in a whole new voice actor.

Pre-ordering information can be found here.

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