Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thomas Kinkade Goodbye

He filled the world with light.

Thomas Kinkade, also known as the "Painter of Light," died yesterday from natural causes at his home in California, according to The Disney Blog.  He was 54.

He gave himself the title, explaining that "my mission as an artist is to capture those special moments in life adorned with beauty and light.  I work to create images that project a serene simplicity that can be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.  That's what I mean by sharing the light" (Thomas Kinkade, "The Artist" page on website).

Many people know Kinkade from the beautiful paintings of houses and landscapes he created.  I myself knew him from these paintings.

This picture shows one of Kinkade's paintings.  The river's
movement was added later by someone, I don't know who.
It obviously doesn't flow on canvas.
Picture from an email I received several years ago.
I could not locate it.

It was only a few months ago that I discovered he'd painted simply breathtaking paintings of Disney characters.  The paintings are even featured on the homepage of his website (number 3 on the slide show).

The Disney Blog says, "Disney fans will be familiar with Kinkade as he frequently painted scenes from Disney’s animated classics and the theme parks. Kinkade often spoke of parallels between his life and Walt Disney’s. Both traveled to California as young men with just a few dollars to their name and a portfolio to show their talent. Paintings from Kinkade’s Disney Collection are sure to immediately become more valued."

The Disney paintings are known to include several scenes from the movie into one painting.  For example, in the Bambi painting, Bambi is shown as both an adult and a fawn, with his mother and fawn Faline looking on.  His father is shown on the side of the river where the adult Bambi stands.  If you look at the painting closely, it really does look alive...filled with light.

We will truly miss the Painter of Light.

Comments: Do you own any of his paintings?  If so, please tell us which ones!  I'd also love to hear your thoughts on his death.  Thank you.

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