Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Almost There...!

No, I am not referring to Tiana's classy song about almost hitting it famous.

Actually, I'm referring to a new picture for BraveI found it on the Disney Blog today.

Merida: I've almost got it...almost!
Me: The tension is too strong!  What will happen next?
It kind of left off here in the trailer too, but in slow motion.  Which was kind of fun.
Picture from the Disney Blog.

If you saw the last trailer, the picture should look pretty familiar.  It does to me.  But seeing this as a picture reminded me of a question I have (which I shared on the Disney Blog in the comments).

Who's the second bear (the one trying to help Merida out)?  All I know about Brave is that there's Mordu (the bear with just the razor-clawed paw showing), the demon-like bear from folklore.  Obviously the movie has something about Merida defeating him.  But that's just a hunch.

I'm also curious why the second bear is helping Merida, it seems.

Could that second bear possibly be Mordu's mate...and/or the mother of these three?

The three little bears.
They'll be at the Parks with Merida!
Could they be the cubs of the second bear...and/or possibly Mordu?
Picture also from the Disney Blog.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Can you stand the tension?


My Disney-unnamed sister mentioned her theory on the bears:

  • Because of the curse, the queen turns into that second bear who helps Merida out.
  • The triplets turn into the trio of bears.
  • Only the king stays as he is (not counting Merida of course), and Mordu is himself.

Some good "proof" that this could be so:

  • The triplets match in number with the trio of cubs
  • The maid doesn't like the triplets (such as when they steal the cookies in one trailer).  And...
  • She runs away from the bear cubs

I don't really have any "proof" for Queen Elinor turning into a bear.

What do you think?  I think my sister may be onto something.

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