Friday, April 20, 2012

Rapunzel's Here!

Guess who's made her long awaited animated debut on the Disney Princess site?


Rapunzel just can't stop telling you how excited she
is to be on the Disney Princess site!
She's actually so cute, and Mandy Moore does her
voice as sweet and bubbly as ever!
Picture from Petite Tiaras.

Right after her official crowing last fall, Rapunzel was added to the site, but she wasn't animated yet, and one couldn't select her to play her games.

This morning though Petite Tiaras shared pictures of the Disney Princesses from their sites, and bubbly Rapunzel was among them.

And of course I had to check it out!

Like the other Princesses, her main game involves you choosing an outfit to wear.  Rapunzel has to get dressed soon for her (first ever!) tea party guessed it, the Snuggly Duckling!  But she's promised to help Attila with baking and is late!

Sure you need help, Attila?  I think you've got it covered...
er, baked.
Picture from the Disney Wiki.

So will you help her pick out a dress?


  1. This post totally made me go to the Disney Princess website and play the games for like an hour! <3

    1. Exactly what Petite Tiaras made me do...except I had to go to school so it wasn't an hour.
      I'm glad it made you excited!


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