Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fairy Tale Christmas Gift!

At the start of December, Fairy Grandmother asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  Not sure, I put off replying (and I was also pretty busy with finals and work).  Then she emailed me again to say that I would get coal if I didn’t let “Santa'” know what I wanted.  Chuckling, I told her that well I didn’t really have a Christmas list this year but thinking quickly I said that I was listening to lots of music lately.  So how about some Christmas albums or anything Disney?

December 23rd.  (The world didn’t end!)  More importantly, gift exchange at my aunt and uncle’s house.  At first, I was confused because I hadn’t gotten a present from Fairy Grandmother yet, just one from my cousin (NiCE’s younger sister).  Fairy Grandmother finally found the one from her to me, and I got to work.

Not surprised, I opened first two Christmas CDs – Elvis and Jackie Evancho.  There was one more gift (well two more but only one was a CD I could tell).  Unwrapping it, I grinned in delight.
She’d gotten me the Disney Princess: Fairy Tale Songs CD.

Picture taken by My Minnie Mom;
do not remove watermark.

The songs on the CD are, in order:
  1. When Will My Life Begin?” (From Tangled Soundtrack)
  2. Almost There” (From The Princess and the Frog Soundtrack)
  3. Part of Your World” (From The Little Mermaid Soundtrack)
  4. Something There” (From Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack)
  5. Reflection” (From Mulan Soundtrack)
  6. “I See the Light” (From Tangled Soundtrack)
  7. Everyday Princess” (From Bayou Boogie Album)
  8. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” (From Cinderella Soundtrack)
  9. Where Do I Go From Here” (From Pocahontas 2 Soundtrack)
  10. Down in New Orleans” (From The Princess and the Frog Soundtrack)
  11. Beauty and the Beast” (From Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack)
  12. I’m Wishing/One Song” (From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Soundtrack)
  13. “I Wonder” (From Sleeping Beauty Soundtrack)
  14. (Bonus Song) “The Glow” (World Premiere Song)
My only question is, where’s Jasmine?

Overall I absolutely love this CD, especially the very last song.  It’s simply sweet, and Shannon has such an angelic voice!

That other present I mentioned was a cute photo frame, Disney-themed, that I will share in an upcoming post (I don’t have a picture yet).

See ya all real soon!  What Disney gifts did you get?  I got lots more, which I’ll share as soon as I get pictures!

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Check out this Walt Disney Confession:

Picture from Walt Disney Confessions.

That would be a sad world indeed.  Let’s not think about it.


Catch a Ride in Atchison!

At the Walmart (a college kid's best friend, literally) in Atchison is a pig waiting for someone to ride him:

It's my favorite Disney pig!
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak;
do not remove watermark.

Sadly, "Hakuna Matata" doesn't play when you ride him.  (The Beast thinks there's a bit of the song playing.)

They need to fix that.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tell Me a Story!

While the my Fairy Grandmother sits down with YDF, MDF, and unnamed brother to watch Pocahontas II, I thought I would finish up some other posts I have drafts of.

One of the new areas in New Fantasyland is Beauty and the Beast-themed, featuring Prince Adam’s castle and Belle’s village.  In Belle’s village, there are two new places: Gaston’s Tavern and Belle’s Cottage.  In her cottage is where probably one of my new favorite attractions: Enchanted Tales with Belle.

Let these first two videos do the explanation of the attraction for you.

Video from YouTube. Part 1.

Video from YouTube. Part 2.

When I first saw these videos, I instantly fell in love with the new attraction.  It sounds so fun to have the chance to participate as an audience in storytelling, especially that of one of my favorite Disney films!  Aside from the storytelling part of this experience, I think that Magic Mirror is the best part!

And this video showing the entire experience makes me very badly want to go to New Fantasyland so as to tell Belle her story! (Oh, and wasn’t the lady playing the wardrobe just great with Wardrobe’s signature high note?)

Video from YouTube.

So while I’m sad about the whole destruction of Snow White’s Scary Adventures, I’m torn because I’m really excited for the new rides and attractions Disney is putting in.  Did they have to destroy one of the best rides there for New Fantasyland to happen?  I really don’t think so.

Before I go, I encourage you to check out this site for more on the Lumiere (*ahem*) animatronic.


The 11th Disney Princess: Verified

Thanksgiving day, YDF, MDF, and I worked on some of their Disney Princess puzzles.

Picture taken by THE Disney Freak;
do not remove watermark.

Picture taken by THE Disney Freak;
do not remove watermark.

The next day, I was glancing through all the toy catalogs from various retailers.  In the Target one, I found an interesting Disney Princess doll set.

Picture taken by THE Disney Freak.

Picture taken by THE Disney Freak.

Why am I highlighting this?  Maybe it was pretty obvious that this would happen, but Merida is included in an (*ahem*) official Disney Princess doll set

So is Merida going to be an official Disney Princess?  Or is she just being included with official Disney Princesses as a non-official princess?  Will that change (aka question A)?  Several questions arose at the sight of this set, obviously.

Immediately, I called over TDSO (our previous Brave hypothesizer) for her take on this all.  She said that she didn’t think Merida would be an official Disney Princess but because she is a Disney princess, she would be included in a few sets.  Just like when Kida or Nala sometimes appear in Disney Princess merchandise.

However, seems things have changed – or been verified.

Because in July 2013, Merida will indeed join the official lineup as the 11th Disney Princess.

What are your thoughts?  The Disney Mermaid is personally upset because Ariel won’t be the only ginger anymore (and for some other reasons).

As for me, I’m not quite sure what I think right now.  As the Disney Wiki pointed out, Merida will be the first Disney Princess without a love interest, which I’m not against, but all the other Princesses appear with their Princes in some merchandise and at events at the Parks.  Poor Merida will be the odd one (literally) out.  Like The Disney Mermaid, I’m disappointed that they would add in another ginger, and if they’re going to just add any new princess character they add, why not allow Kida to join?  How does Disney’s selection work (hey, that’s another post to work on!)?

See ya all real soon!

Christmas is quickly approaching!  Shopping done?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An Old Movie Review

Today, MMM had me go through all my old homework, study guides, everything of my high school years.  We had to keep it all for filing because MMM homeschools us, but now that I’m in college, we can get rid of it!  I threw most of it away except for things from my writing classes – since I’m a writer – and certificates and stuff like that.  I did find this little movie review I wrote for a basic English and writing class.  Figured since it was Disney-themed, I’d share with you some of my school writing from 2009!  Aka only a year before my obsession fully bloomed!
Enchanted, a modern fairy tale from Walt Disney Co., is a lively family movie everyone will enjoy.  The movie starts in Andalasia, an animated fairy tale world, and the rest is in New York.  Giselle, the to-be princess from another world, and Robert, a lawyer from New York, are the characters trying to understand each other.  Enchanted has a few scenes that show divorce is not a very good choice.  Enchanted is full of breathtaking special effects and happy, lively songs.  Enchanted is a movie everyone will want to watch again and again.

I still agree with every one of my points, though now I would probably write it a bit better!  Especially after a journalism class…

ttfn!  Almost ready for the holidays?

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Once Upon a Dream Find!

While working on another post for ya’ll, I was searching Christmas songs on YouTube and stumbled upon this little gem.  It features Christmas favorite Bing Crosby and Disney Princess voice star Mary Costa.  I guess finding it was like well, once upon a dream!

Video from YouTube.

Kind of cute that she wore pink, huh?

Have a wonderful December and a very merry Christmas!

See ya all real soon too!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The One and Only Flying Elephant!

Instead of doing an entire post on New Fantasyland, which would be very overwhelming, I’ve decided to post on just a few of the key factors of the opening ceremony and new attractions.  Be prepared for several New Fantasyland-themed posts, giving you an insight to the new sights and sounds of the Magic Kingdom.

Let’s start off with one of my favorite characters: an adorable, quiet little guy named Dumbo.

Have you ever ridden on Dumbo’s back at any of the Parks?  I did, on my trip.  It was fun to feel as if you were flying, with the help of the one and only flying elephant and his magic feather!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride original version
at Magic Kingdom before New Fantasyland expansion.
Picture from Wikipedia.

For New Fantasyland, Disney added Storybook Circus to Walt Disney World.  In this new area, there’s an “updated” version of the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, now featuring two rides, the original (slightly changed – Timothy Mouse got moved) and a new one next to it.  The more the merrier!

Because of this new Dumbo-themed land, during the opening ceremony for the expansion, guess who showed up!  A very rare appearance, and one that knocked me almost right out of Roomie’s chair!

(For the video below, skip to 3:08 and watch for about a 30 seconds for his short appearance.  I hope to do a post later on the entire opening ceremony.)

Video from YouTube.

I do think Dumbo isn’t as cute as he could be.  This is how cute and bubbly (but mute) he looks in the movie.

Dumbo! The one and only!
Picture from the Disney Wiki.

His character appearance is exactly like how he appears in a Disneyland parade, seeming to be another character performance (instead of an animatronic one) so I guess this isn’t the first time he’s been seen.  Compare below.

Dumbo in Disney's Electrical Parade.
Picture from the Disney Wiki.

dumbo capture
Video capture by THE Disney Freak.
Taken from the included video.

This here below is my favorite appearance of Dumbo – one I feel that is much cuter and closer to his movie appearance.  Disney should work with this appearance over the parade one – meaning perhaps change the costume a bit.

Dumbo as he appears in the fireworks show Magical!
Picture from the Disney Wiki.

And a question for you all: Do you know why his feet seemed so springy in the ceremony?  Or I guess to put it better, why they decided to do that?

Summing up then, I think Dumbo’s surprise visit is adorable (too short perhaps?) here but maybe Disney should look into working on making him a tad cuter.  And also, if he’s appearing on stage, can’t he do meet and greets in his new Storybook Circus?

Give me a shout out in the comments below as to what you think!