Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tell Me a Story!

While the my Fairy Grandmother sits down with YDF, MDF, and unnamed brother to watch Pocahontas II, I thought I would finish up some other posts I have drafts of.

One of the new areas in New Fantasyland is Beauty and the Beast-themed, featuring Prince Adam’s castle and Belle’s village.  In Belle’s village, there are two new places: Gaston’s Tavern and Belle’s Cottage.  In her cottage is where probably one of my new favorite attractions: Enchanted Tales with Belle.

Let these first two videos do the explanation of the attraction for you.

Video from YouTube. Part 1.

Video from YouTube. Part 2.

When I first saw these videos, I instantly fell in love with the new attraction.  It sounds so fun to have the chance to participate as an audience in storytelling, especially that of one of my favorite Disney films!  Aside from the storytelling part of this experience, I think that Magic Mirror is the best part!

And this video showing the entire experience makes me very badly want to go to New Fantasyland so as to tell Belle her story! (Oh, and wasn’t the lady playing the wardrobe just great with Wardrobe’s signature high note?)

Video from YouTube.

So while I’m sad about the whole destruction of Snow White’s Scary Adventures, I’m torn because I’m really excited for the new rides and attractions Disney is putting in.  Did they have to destroy one of the best rides there for New Fantasyland to happen?  I really don’t think so.

Before I go, I encourage you to check out this site for more on the Lumiere (*ahem*) animatronic.


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