Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fairy Tale Christmas Gift!

At the start of December, Fairy Grandmother asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  Not sure, I put off replying (and I was also pretty busy with finals and work).  Then she emailed me again to say that I would get coal if I didn’t let “Santa'” know what I wanted.  Chuckling, I told her that well I didn’t really have a Christmas list this year but thinking quickly I said that I was listening to lots of music lately.  So how about some Christmas albums or anything Disney?

December 23rd.  (The world didn’t end!)  More importantly, gift exchange at my aunt and uncle’s house.  At first, I was confused because I hadn’t gotten a present from Fairy Grandmother yet, just one from my cousin (NiCE’s younger sister).  Fairy Grandmother finally found the one from her to me, and I got to work.

Not surprised, I opened first two Christmas CDs – Elvis and Jackie Evancho.  There was one more gift (well two more but only one was a CD I could tell).  Unwrapping it, I grinned in delight.
She’d gotten me the Disney Princess: Fairy Tale Songs CD.

Picture taken by My Minnie Mom;
do not remove watermark.

The songs on the CD are, in order:
  1. When Will My Life Begin?” (From Tangled Soundtrack)
  2. Almost There” (From The Princess and the Frog Soundtrack)
  3. Part of Your World” (From The Little Mermaid Soundtrack)
  4. Something There” (From Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack)
  5. Reflection” (From Mulan Soundtrack)
  6. “I See the Light” (From Tangled Soundtrack)
  7. Everyday Princess” (From Bayou Boogie Album)
  8. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” (From Cinderella Soundtrack)
  9. Where Do I Go From Here” (From Pocahontas 2 Soundtrack)
  10. Down in New Orleans” (From The Princess and the Frog Soundtrack)
  11. Beauty and the Beast” (From Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack)
  12. I’m Wishing/One Song” (From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Soundtrack)
  13. “I Wonder” (From Sleeping Beauty Soundtrack)
  14. (Bonus Song) “The Glow” (World Premiere Song)
My only question is, where’s Jasmine?

Overall I absolutely love this CD, especially the very last song.  It’s simply sweet, and Shannon has such an angelic voice!

That other present I mentioned was a cute photo frame, Disney-themed, that I will share in an upcoming post (I don’t have a picture yet).

See ya all real soon!  What Disney gifts did you get?  I got lots more, which I’ll share as soon as I get pictures!

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