Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The One and Only Flying Elephant!

Instead of doing an entire post on New Fantasyland, which would be very overwhelming, I’ve decided to post on just a few of the key factors of the opening ceremony and new attractions.  Be prepared for several New Fantasyland-themed posts, giving you an insight to the new sights and sounds of the Magic Kingdom.

Let’s start off with one of my favorite characters: an adorable, quiet little guy named Dumbo.

Have you ever ridden on Dumbo’s back at any of the Parks?  I did, on my trip.  It was fun to feel as if you were flying, with the help of the one and only flying elephant and his magic feather!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride original version
at Magic Kingdom before New Fantasyland expansion.
Picture from Wikipedia.

For New Fantasyland, Disney added Storybook Circus to Walt Disney World.  In this new area, there’s an “updated” version of the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, now featuring two rides, the original (slightly changed – Timothy Mouse got moved) and a new one next to it.  The more the merrier!

Because of this new Dumbo-themed land, during the opening ceremony for the expansion, guess who showed up!  A very rare appearance, and one that knocked me almost right out of Roomie’s chair!

(For the video below, skip to 3:08 and watch for about a 30 seconds for his short appearance.  I hope to do a post later on the entire opening ceremony.)

Video from YouTube.

I do think Dumbo isn’t as cute as he could be.  This is how cute and bubbly (but mute) he looks in the movie.

Dumbo! The one and only!
Picture from the Disney Wiki.

His character appearance is exactly like how he appears in a Disneyland parade, seeming to be another character performance (instead of an animatronic one) so I guess this isn’t the first time he’s been seen.  Compare below.

Dumbo in Disney's Electrical Parade.
Picture from the Disney Wiki.

dumbo capture
Video capture by THE Disney Freak.
Taken from the included video.

This here below is my favorite appearance of Dumbo – one I feel that is much cuter and closer to his movie appearance.  Disney should work with this appearance over the parade one – meaning perhaps change the costume a bit.

Dumbo as he appears in the fireworks show Magical!
Picture from the Disney Wiki.

And a question for you all: Do you know why his feet seemed so springy in the ceremony?  Or I guess to put it better, why they decided to do that?

Summing up then, I think Dumbo’s surprise visit is adorable (too short perhaps?) here but maybe Disney should look into working on making him a tad cuter.  And also, if he’s appearing on stage, can’t he do meet and greets in his new Storybook Circus?

Give me a shout out in the comments below as to what you think!


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