Friday, November 30, 2012

Is That Who I Think…?

Apologies for the fact that this is technically old news, but I figured some of you haven’t heard about it.  So might as well share, eh?

It’s always interesting when you see a familiar Disney character used outside of the company…oftentimes without Disney’s permission.  For example, I wrote a post about a familiar-looking mermaid among colored and shaped rubber bands.

Speaking of that mermaid, she’s popped up somewhere else.

And it really irks me.

Apparently, there’s a plastic surgery clinic in Venezuela named Clinica Dempere that decided to create an ad.  And who did they decide to feature but the Little Mermaid herself.

Yep, they did.

The ad is horribleIt shows Ariel in sequence swimming past Ursula (apparently rejecting her offer) up to a surgery table and afterwards showing her with new legs and well some chest adjustments.  (Obviously the cheaper option, right?)

Disgusts you already, huh?  And you haven’t even see it yet!

But I’ve put the picture below.  Enjoy, I guess.

You're welcome.
Image from BuzzFeed.

From the site I got the ad from: “I doubt ad agency ZEA BBDO ran this by the Disney lawyers. But, I guess, they could argue that it's just some random hot redheaded mermaid. I hate this type of borrowed interest advertising.”

For the record, Clinica Dempere, Disney could sue for a lot of cash. A lot.

As a final note, what do you think young girls are getting from this message?


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