Molly and Cast

To protect the identify of people I mention in the Blog, I use code names.  These are the more common ones, so you'd better get used to these nicknames being mentioned a lot!

Molly THE Disney Freak
That's me, of course!

My best friend, who is also a fellow Disney fan.

Mini Maleficent and Little Evil Queen
The diva co-hosts of my vlogs.  Mini Maleficent is the diabolical mistress of all cuteness, and Little Evil Queen is her partner in crime.

My first college roommate (2012-2013), and I was lucky enough to get a fellow Disney fan!

Michelle, Kaihtlyn, and Mary
My "roommates" (well, actually Michelle is just my roommate, while Kaihtlyn and Mary live next door) for 2013-2014 (and later??).  I'm slowly turning them into Disney Freaks.

The Disney Freak Protege
aka Protege
A friend of mine whom I'm training to be a Disney Freak.

Disney Partner in Crime
aka Sara
The lovely author of another Disney blog, The Disney Den!

My Disney Family:

My Disney Dad
Uh, my dad!

My Minnie Mom
aka MMM
Uh, my mom!

The Disney Mermaid
aka TDM
My sister.  She's an Ariel freak as well as a fellow Disney freak, so put two and two together...

The Disney Smart One
My next sister who has a bit of a big head after she got something about Disney right...and I didn't....

The Disney Gamer
aka TDG
My only brother.  He likes to play Disney games on his 3DS (according to him), and so chose this name.  Previously unnamed brother.

Minnie Disney Freak
aka MDF
My second-to-youngest sister.  She's at the age of Princesses and questioning Disney... But I try to keep her on track!

Young Disney Freak
aka YDF
My youngest sister.  She's just realizing her Disney roots!

The Fairy Grandmother
aka Grandma
My grandma who, though not a Disney Freak per se, still gives me plenty of Disney things! Such as that Mickey graduation plush.... And no, she doesn't sing "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo" when she gives them to me....

The Nicest Cousin Ever
aka NiCE, Nala
My cousin who really doesn't care much for Disney but he's part of some of my childhood Disney memories!


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