Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Pardon me for taking forever to post this.  Seriously.  What I'm gonna tell you is kind of old information now.

Like I said, it ain't mandatory to post anymore.  Which makes it a bit hard to keep on track.

Cross your fingers for me.


Several weeks ago, MMM and I headed to Target to do some shopping.  I had tagged along because we were looking for a new caculator for me as my previous one stopped, er, working and I had a math final the next day!  And even though I told MMM my calculator is like the most common calculator EVER and OF COURSE Target will have it on stock, she thought I should come along to see if it wasn't on stock.

Who was right?


After finding the needed, matching calculator in less than a minute, I decided to head over to the Toys section while MMM browsed adult stuff.  Kitchen stuff, etc.  Where you (the child) stand there watching the ceiling and wondering when you'll go home.

Mostly, I went to check out Target's Breyer selection (gotta keep an eye on my stores' selections, and apparently this particular Target no longer sells Breyers).

On the way to that search, a very obvious display practically shouted for my attention.

(Target exclusive) Brave merchandise.


Of course I checked it out.

At first, I just sort of looked it all over.  There were some really cute dresses that Merida wears for young girls, and actually I kind of want one.  Just for fun.

Then a toy set caught my eye.

Remember my unnamed sister's theory on the bears in Brave?

I was close to her theory: I connected the triplets and the bear cubs, but I figured the cubs become the boys' pets.

Her theory is much more interesting.

And based on the merchandise...


The toy set that caught my eye was of Merida's three triplet brothers.
In the set, they transform into...
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak.
Into bears!
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak.
Instructions on the back on how to "transform" them.  One
question I have is: "Do they actually fit inside the bears
or do you just pretend they've transformed?"
Lemme know if you know.
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak.
Some info on the back of the package.
"Whether they're exploring the castle or snatching sweets from the
kitchen, Merida's brothers are full of mischeif.  When they eat an
enchanted cake, they're in for a 'beary' magical surprise!"
Uh, all that pretty much verifies The Disney Smart One's theory.
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak.
A second toy, one of the dolls of Merida, also caught my eye.
It gives verification of my sister's other theory.
Pretty close to it at least.
Something worth mentioning, which I'll expand on in my second-
planned Brave post is that at Disney World, Merida
avoids saying who the bears really are ("I found them this morning")
or maybe she doesn't know herself!
We'll have to wait till June 22 to find out!
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak.

So without furthur ado, let me introduce our Disney "theoryizer," The Disney Smart One!

She picked the name herself.  When I called her to tell her she was right.  Which gave her a big head.

One last thing, a just last week we stopped by Kohls before picking up my grandparents for my graduation (another post on that later), The Disney Mermaid and I found this book that apparently has the entire Brave storyline in it!  But none of the books were unwrapped and available to read.


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