Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Could...Could It Be?

The Disney Princess, a tumblr blog, has shared photos of what looks to be the new Merida at Disney Parks!
Got bow?
All pictures from The Disney Princess.
Those eyes...gorgeous!
And that it too perfect to be real?
Disney announced they preferred someone
from Scotland with actual curly red
hair but had wigs if needed...
Your takes?
"Mum tries taming my wild mop of hair,
but I like it just as it is."
Another missing bow?

Could it be?

I can't wait to meet her!  I know I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm thinking Merida's going to turn out to be one pretty cool character.


Yes it is!  The Disney Blog just shared videos of Merida being spotted in Epcot for her soft opening.  I haven't watched the videos quite yet, but I will do soon and post them with my thoughts in a different post later today!


  1. Woah! I wonder if the actors playing the characters have to have a perfect Scottish accent as well...that must be interesting to hear people try out ;) I'm glad they're getting a real person to be her character and not just a large costume like they usually make Pixar characters!

    1. Disney also had accent coaches available if they didn't find someone perfect from Scotland.
      As I said in "Brave New Characters," she's the first Pixar face character, which rocks. Meeting her on your bucket list too, eh? She's on mine!!

  2. Very cool. Can't wait for the movie also!


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