Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brave New Characters!

According to The Disney Parks Blog, guess who's coming to the Parks soon (the article focused on WDW)?

Merida from Brave!

Who's excited?

I am!  Beyond a doubt!

If you have been paying attention, I'm very excited for the upcoming Pixar movie.  And the fact that you can now meet her...

Sigh.  I love Disney.

Not only will Merida doing meet-and-greets, she will also help guests perfect their archery skills and do other fun things based off her Scottish homeland.  And the three young bear cubs (you may have seen them in the trailer) will also make appearances.

I'm curious about the last three little guys.  Will they be meet-and-greet characters?  Puppets?  Animatronics?

In the article, the third picture showed artist concept of the meet-and-greet spot (taking up Rapunzel's spot at WDW).  It shows Merida helping a guest with his bow (her helping the little kid looks sooo cute!!), and the bears are peeking out over an archery target...

So it doesn't look like they will be walkaround characters.  Maybe like Remy at Epcot.

We'll just have to see.

Comments: What are your reactions?  And your guesses on the bears?


Well, doing some research for any good old post, I stumbled upon an article at that discusses these characters coming to the Parks.  It didn't confirm whether or not the bears are going to be animatronics or puppets.  Bear (haha like it?) with me as I work to uncover the answer!!


According to The Disney Wiki, Merida will be a face character. The first Pixar face character, in fact.  Makes me more and more excited!!

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