Sunday, March 11, 2012

John Carter Sequels?

[Note: I have not had the chance yet to see John Carter in theatres, so if you were expecting a review upon seeing the title, whether or not it deserves sequels or something (but remember I hate unplanned sequels), this isn't what you expected.  But it's still worth it.]

Just today, in the comic strip "Foxtrot," Jason has a few ideas for some John Carter sequels...


1) "John Carter of Jupiter"

2) "John Carter of Pluto"

3) "John Carter of Tatooine

4) "John Carter of Pandora"

Now, obviously, the movie was based on the book series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, so the chance for a sequel...if it happens, it'll be based on another book from the series, I'm thinking.

Two things I found interesting: As I revealed in my first post on John Carter, both Avatar and the Star Wars movies (though I don't think I mentioned Star Wars in the post) were inspired by Burrough's series.  So the last two of Jason's "sequel" ideas are just all the more ironic.

I wonder if the cartoonist knew that, thus making it intentional.

Hopefully, I will be going to John Carter sometime soon!  Then I'll get a movie review for you.  But until then, some other Disney blogs I'm following have been posting reviews of the movie.

They're way more on top of things than I am.


According to ZapperZ (aka Zz) at the My Disney Mania blog, fans are already calling for a real John Carter sequel and there's a Facebook page already on the requested sequel.

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