Thursday, February 9, 2012

John Carter Super Bowl Ad

For those of you who aren't big football fanatics, the Super Bowl was last Sunday, Feb. 5.  Who won isn't important right now, I'm not going to discuss that in this post.  Instead, I'm going to focus on one of the commercials.

Apparently, Super Bowl commercials are considered one of the most important aspects of the "game."

One of them was for the upcoming Disney movie John Carter.

What did you think?

For me, I'm not exactly looking forward to it.  It looks a bit over dramatic.  For example: "You're John Carter of Earth?" "Yes."  Right then was when I was turned off.  Especially with that music too.

But Andrew Stanton, director of WALL-E, is directing this film, so there may be a chance it'll be worth seeing.

Avatar or John Carter?

While I was watching the Super Bowl with my bestie and her family and after the ad played, one of her brothers mentioned John Carter looks a lot like James Cameron's Avatar. 

I looked into this, and Wikipedia explained it:

Disney's John Carter is strictly based on the book A Princess of Mars (the protagonist of the book is John Carter, the movie's name is just different.  In fact, the movie is based on the whole series, of which A Princess of Mars is only the first book.  On the other hand, Avatar's creator James Cameron was inspired by the book.

So that's why the two movies look so similar.

And while I was looking at the Wikipedia article for the movie, I found this: "Had A Princess of Mars [in the form of a 1930s MGM film] been released, it may have beaten Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to become the first American feature-length animated film (Wikipedia)."


To get back to the movie, John Carter will hit theaters on March 9 this year, if you didn't catch that from the ad.

If you're interested, I also included the extended version of the ad below.  The movie looks a little better in this maybe I will go see it.  How about you?

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  1. "You are Carter of Earth?"
    haha laughed out loud


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