Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cinderella's Dress

What color is Cinderella's dress?

Take a look the picture below.
The previous Disney Princess line-up.  Rapunzel was crowned a Disney Princess
last year.  Photo from the Disney Wiki.

It's blue.

However, in the movie, it's not.  It's white.  And if you don't believe me, pull out that DVD or VHS you have of it and watch it.  I'll bet anything that I'm right.

Go ahead; do it.

Or read ahead.

A few years ago, my best friend, a fellow Disney fan, didn't believe my sister and I when we told her that Cinderella's dress was white in the movie.  We even went upstairs and got out our VHS (yes, we own a VCR!), but the pictures on the back all showed her in a blue dress.

It appeared my bestie won, but we knew what we were talking about.

So the next time my siblings watched the movie, I had my sister take photos of Cinderella with my phone.  I sent them to my bestie via picture text, and she admitted we were right.
Sorry for the bad quality--cellphones!
Don't you just love the "PLAY" in the corner?
Picture taken by The Disney Mermaid.
Cinderella is owned and copyrighted by Disney.
Cinderella admiring her new dress.
Picture taken by The Disney Mermaid.
Cinderella is owned and copyrighted by Disney.

So see?  It's white.

Even though my bestie agreed with us, she pointed out that it's blue outside of the original movie.

Why did they change the color for all the other Princess merchandise?

This site has some pretty interesting potential answers....  I have to agree with several of them that her dress does look bluish sometimes in the movie, but it's definitely not as blue as it is portrayed in merchandise.

Last thing: it's interesting to note that in the video game series Kingdom Hearts, Cinderella's dress is shown as the color it is in the movie, unlike other merchandise.
Cinderella as shown in Kingdom Hearts.
Photo from the Disney Wiki.


  1. Those are my photos!!!!! haha

    1. I gave you credit for them...or would you like your "name" instead?

  2. No, no name please. i just love how you used them.


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