Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time to be Brave

Guess who did an article on the upcoming movie Brave?

Time magazine!

(Liked my pun-on-words post title?)

While I read the article in their actual magazine at my piano teacher's house, only a snippet is available on their website (but if you are a subscriber, you can see the whole article online).

In short, the article discussed how this will be Pixar's first film starring a female protagonists.  Yes, all the previous movies starred male characters (Jessie is a "star," but the main focus is on Woody). 

The second most important thing the article focused on was the history of the movie: how it was developed, how Chapman was replaced by Andrews, and where things stand now.

The article also humorously discussed some of the "no-cussing" policies enacted by producer Katherine Sarafian, which was not taken very well by director Mark Andrews (according to the article, he owed nearly $1,000 for cussing while talking with the team).

And also featured on Time's website is a slideshow of pictures behind-the-scenes of Brave.  I've included the link for the slideshow for you as well.

Picture 6 looked awfully familiar...

And then something of interest, photo 7 shows an image of the storyboard for "The Prize," which was featured in the movie's second trailer.  Picture 8 from the slideshow gives an idea of the final image from the storyboard (fully "computerized"), though I've included a more accurate one from the trailer.

Storyboard art for "The Prize" scene.
Photo from Time Magazine.
Photo copyrighted by Disney/Pixar.
The final animated shot from the same scene.
Photo from the Disney Wiki.

Hope you enjoy!

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