Friday, February 17, 2012

Food Fit for Princesses!

Awhile back, my bestie had a Disney Princess party.  It was ridiculously fun!

Everyone had to dress up as a Princess.  Of course, I went as Aurora, my favorite Princess.  By the way, do you know how hard it is to find a dress that works to match a Disney Princess?  Mine was sleeveless, but hey, it was bright pink!  (I even wore my Disney pin.)

We did lots of fun Disney-themed games.  First we colored (and I'm currently working on a post about this) and even did a Disney trivia (which I won!). 

Throughout the party, we listened to different Disney songs, mostly Princesss ones, but I think we had a few others.  And the last thing we did was watch some Disney movies, late into the night, and I was the one who stayed up the latest just to catch the ending of the third and final movie we watched!

And of course, no Disney Princess party is complete without food and tea fit for Princesses!  Just check out all the yummy food my bestie and her mom got together for us, as well as all the lovely tea sets we had available (there were like six different kinds of tea and plenty of teacups to choose from).

The table where we had tea.  Isn't it gorgeous?
All photos were taken by my bestie's mom
and used with permission.

One of the yummy quaint deserts we had.  Lemon, yum!
Flowers always brighten up everything as
Of course, tea parties aren't all about cakes and sweet stuff.
Good Princesses eat healthy food such as fruit as well!

More flowers.
Each Princess had a pot of flowers by her plate.
This was how each Princess' spot was set up.

I set these up.  And those blueberry scones
were delicious!
Another cake for dessert.  They were so tiny!
Of course, more healthy food: veggies.
And there are those scones again.  YUM!
I'm not sure what these are, but they sure
tasted good.
Candies and candle.
A pitcher full of pretty little flowers.
This was the centerpiece on the table.
Another view of the decorative table.
And now we get into all the pretty teacups we chose from.
One of my bestie's friends even chose Chip, the
teacup from Beauty and the Beast.
More teacups.  Which one to choose?
One of the lovely tea sets.  Sugar, anyone?
Would you like an herbal tea, a sweet tea, or another?

Yes, this party was definately something to remember, and the food made it all the more memorable!  Thanks bestie!


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