Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween!

To celebrate the ghoulish of all holidays, here’s Nick Pitera singing “This is Halloween” from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Video from YouTube.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mind-Blowing Transformations!

I have a riddle for you.

How does one make Cinderella transform from rags to evening gown in front of a live audience?


Well, here’s one answer:

GIF from

Thank you to my friend Dewey for bringing this mind-blowing stage magic to my attention!  Neither of us knows how it’s done (we were discussing it via Facebook).  But I did discover that this particular transformation comes from the 67th Tony Awards during a special performance from the 2013 Broadway revival of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

It also reminded me of this Disney transformation during a live show at Disneyland Paris:

Video from YouTube.

But this one’s secret is revealed, if you want the magic spoiled for you.

See ya all real soon!

(PS: I apologize for the lack of posting lately!  I planned to do some over this past weekend, while I was home for break, but several reasons led to me not having the time to!  But yes, I'm still alive over here.  Don't worry.)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Bottle Boys’ “Under the Sea”!

If you want to see something really impressive, look no further.

Video from YouTube.

too shocked
Reaction: too shocked.
Source link missing.

Can someone teach me how to play…er, play the bottles?  Because that...that is pretty neat.

See ya all rea soon!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy 90th, Disney!

Today we celebrate the fact that the Walt Disney Company has been creating magic for the entire world for 90 years!

Honestly, I can’t really sum up how happy I am today.  Disney has always been a source of inspiration for me, and I’ve grown up on the music, the characters, and the movies.  Now, as a self-declared Disney Freak, I blog for the online community about one of the few things that continues to cast its spell over me!

Long reign Disney!

Trying to sum up my emotions via an image...
Image from a Google search.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Au Revoir Chef Remy!

You shall be sorely missed!

Remy, the pint-sized star of Disney-Pixar’s Ratatouille, finally got his wish to become a chef!  Because at Les Chefs de France, a restaurant at the French pavilion in Epcot, Chef Remy meets his guests as they eat, an appearance brought to life by the animatronic magic of the Disney Imagineers.

Both videos from YouTube.

Isn’t he just adorable?!

But now, according to DisNews, Remy will no longer be meeting his guests after October 24.  No reason has been given.

sad day
Reaction: sad day.
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Personally, I’m a bit disappointed because I’ve been longing to meet Remy since he first debuted.  Hopefully they’ll bring him back?

Even Remy doesn't know!
Image from

What are your thoughts?  Tell me in the comments below!

See you all soon!

(PS: As I was writing this, my roommate wrote her own blog post on how life is not a Disney movie.  Awkward.  Just kidding.  But seriously, we're not on speaking terms.  Just kidding again.)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Disney Concert Tonight!

This is the news blurb Benedictine College has been sending out via their email newsletter:

Join the BC Chamber Singers and the Concert Chorale for ‘A Night of Disney Magic’ on Saturday, Oct. 5.   The program will feature selections from 5 decades of Disney classic movies, including Beauty and the Beast, It’s a Small World, Hercules, The Lion King and many more.  Performances will be presented at 6:30 and 8:00 p.m. in O’Malley-McAllister Auditorium.   The groups are under the direction of Dr. Sean Teets, and will be accompanied by Laura Moreno, piano, Rachel Gallagher, guitar, and Grace Kirwan, percussion.  Admission is $2 for adults, and $1 for students (5 & up).

I’m so excited to see this tonight!  (Provided I can get off work early enough…)

Poster for the event.
Picture taken by Molly THE Disney Freak.

Literally everyone who knows me and my Disney “Freakness” has been telling me, “Molly, I thought of you when I heard about the Pops Concert!  Are you going?” and I reply, “What kind of question is that?!”

I actually did a really-really-excited-because-I-can’t-wait-to-go dance in Walmart last night…

Reaction: Excited dance!
GIF source

Tonight, I’ll probably be silently singing along to every word.

Tune in again soon for a video of (hopefully) the entire show!


Friday, October 4, 2013

“Glow with the Show” at Walt Disney World!

So ya’ll remember how excited I was over the “Glow with the Show” Mickey Mouse ears?

(If you don’t, I’ll give you a moment to click here and here in order to rediscover.)

But guess what?!

The ears are coming to Walt Disney World!

dizzingly good
Reaction: Dizzyingly good.
GIF source

According to Alt Disney World (follow if you haven’t!), “the light-up hats will debut at Hollywood Studio's Fantasmic show on Oct. 15, the 15th anniversary of the show. A few days later on Oct. 19, they will synchronize with the 'Wishes' fireworks show and 'Celebrate the Magic' show at Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom.”

I think it’s so cool to consider yourself “part of the show” when you wear these ears.  To get an idea of what I mean, check out this video of the crowd at World of Color at Disneyland.

Video from YouTube.

The ears apparently cost $25.  And when a certain girl goes to Disney World next year…she’s buying a pair!


What do you think of the “Glow with the Show” ears?  Tell me in the comments below!

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

You’d Better Beware…

Because it’s that time of year again…

Halloween Board
Quote from 2010 Villains Mix and Mingle, part of
Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World.

Watch your back!


PS: This is my 200th post!  Wow!