Tuesday, October 30, 2012

“October’s Here!”

It’s halloween-lo-ween, everybody!

And while I realize Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party has been going on since the middle of September, I wanted to do this certain post closer to Halloween.  And with my work schedule and certain important homework papers that need to be written, I decided to do it now.

One of the highlights of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is the Villains Mix and Mingle.  Since I saw it two years ago (online, not in person), I fell in love with it.

This was the version I fell in love with – the 2010 version:

Villains Mix and Mingle 2010

So when October 2011 rolled around, I anxiously - joined by my siblings, especially TDM - waited for the new Villains Mix and Mingle.

Of course, I figured it would be pretty much the same, as it had been since 2006 (this was the earliest I could find a video for, so I assume that was the year it began - I couldn’t find proof otherwise).

Villains Mix and Mingle 2009


Villains Mix and Mingle 2008


Villains Mix and Mingle 2007


Villains Mix and Mingle 2006

Imagine my surprise to discover that in 2011, the show was far differentAccording to Wikipedia, Maleficent hosts the Mix and Mingle, as you saw in all the preceding videos.

Wanting to put emphasis on a newer character, Disney replaced the villainous host for the 2011 version:

Villains Mix and Mingle 2011

What did I think of this?  Maleficent may be my favorite villain (and I think the best candidate for their leader) but I was fine with Dr. Facilier being the new host.  However, I found the new costumes for the dancers to be horrible compared to the previous ones (even though those ones could be consider sexually inappropriate).

And what really upset me was that the new song at the end, replacing the previous, one…well I found it to be less catchy.  I never have that one’s beat stuck in my head as I did the 2010 final song.

Did Disney revert or stick with it?

See for yourself in the video below of the 2012 version.

I do have one suggestion for Disney though: bring in Mother Gothel!

Have a happy Halloween!  What do you plan on doing?  My co-workers want me to dress up tomorrow for work.  I’d love to be Maleficent (or Queen Grimhilde) for Halloween sometime during my college years, but I don’t have a costume this year!

Keep an eye out for those Disney Villains - it’s their turn to celebrate their way!


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