Monday, October 15, 2012

New Fantasyland Dress Rehearsal!

Nick Maglio over at Disleelandia (one of my favorite Disney blogs) just went to the “dress rehearsal” of New Fantasyland!  He took lots of great pictures, and there are a few jokes only a Disney fan would know.

His trip—literally, just pack up and go—makes me kind of jealous because it was actually fall break here at Benedictine this past weekend, so I went home.  If only I had a bit more money, I would’ve gone to Walt Disney World instead perhaps!

(Well, maybe not. I did miss Riley and Bestie an awful lot…and my family of course.  A hard choice.)

See ya all real soon!

(PS: I am now using Windows Live Writer to write my posts and send them—avoiding any Internet problems!)
I will be using Windows Live Writer to solely write the posts and put in links, then use Blogger here to make sure the formatting is right and to do pictures and videos.  Have a nice day, everyone!

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