Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Pizza Planet Truck

If you know anything about Pixar movies, they have certain traditions for every movie.

Some people call these "Easter eggs" because when you look for them, it's like being on an Easter egg hunt.

One such Easter egg is the Pizza Planet Truck.

Picture from the Pixar Wiki.

If you don't know where the truck's from, it originated in Toy Story since Pizza Planet is the restaurant Andy and his family go to.  Since it's first appearance, the Truck has appeared in every following Pixar movie, except The Incredibles apparently.

But what of the upcoming Brave?

It seems a bit odd to think of a truck appearing in 10th century DunBroch.

However, Mark Andrews, one of the "co-directors" of Brave, has confirmed that the all the traditional Easter eggs will appear, including the truck!

It made my Disney Family and I wonder just how this was going to be done.

I'd read somewhere (the source escapes me) that it would appear but it won't be what you're expecting.  Some sort of twist.  Makes the hunt a little more exciting!

But here below is a clue, if you want it.  Otherwise, I direct you to another post of mine....

Clue, Maybe

According to both the Disney Wiki and the Pixar Wiki, "it was reported that Tia Kratter, art director of the film, has hinted during her presentation at the D23 Expo that the truck would be in the Witch's house" (The Disney Wiki).

Good luck!


  1. Saw the movie on Saturday and found the truck! It's not as hidden as it is in other Pixar movies, so just about anyone can find it. Oh, and the Pixar Wiki clue is correct.

    1. Thanks P.T.! This is making me excited! :)

    2. Really? I didn't see it! Dang I'll have to keep my eyes more aware next time.

    3. Haha thanks to Facebook, I know exactly what it looks like/where it is. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Absolutely! Did you look for it when you saw Brave?


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