Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hidden Mickey (Maybe) at College

During the same trip down to college with MMM, she and I were waiting for a session from the English department (my intended major) when I noticed there was a familiar face in the shape of the table.
Yes, a tad more like a clover than a Mickey, but
hey, it was close enough for me!
Picture taken by and copyright THE Disney Freak.

Not quite a perfect Hidden Mickey, but pretty close!

MMM smiled when I pointed it out and said, "It's a sign: this is the college for you!"


  1. It's so exciting that you're going to be in college soon!!! You the college program with me ;)

    1. Haha it's too late for this year -- I'm def going to college! I'd love to do the program though. Could I do it a different year?

    2. Haha I haven't applied yet, it'd be for the Spring semester 2013. But the program will be there for a long time!


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