Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An Out of State Find

At the beginning of the month, MMM and I headed down to the college I'm going to next year (which happens to be the same one The Beast and I visited before).  There was this pre-freshman orientation that weekend.  It ended up being lots of fun, and it was nice to meet my fellow future classmates.

On the way home Saturday afternoon, we (of course) stopped by a gas station to fill up the car and so, you know....well, in case one of us had to "go."

We both did.

When I came out of the restroom, I noticed some of those cheap toy dispensers.  You know, put in a few quarters, get a tattoo or a small toy.  And just like on that other road trip I shared with you about, I noticed one of the dispensers was filled with Disney items.  "Disney tags" to be exact.


I headed back to the van and climbed into my seat.

"Hey, [MMM], when you come out of the restroom, could you buy me two of those Disney tags?  You'll see them right away."

I handed her two quarters.  Oddly enough, she didn't give me a look or anything.

Seems My Disney Family may be accepting me after all.

Anyway, she and I were taking turns because we had some valuables in the car that we didn't want to leave alone.  That's why I went first and then her.

When she came back out, she handed me the two tags (but they come in those flat-bottom-bell-top-you-take-off containers) as she put a new bag of ice into our cooler full of snacks.

Eagerly, I popped open the containers to see which characters I'd gotten.

Bambi and Minnie, that's who!
Am I Minnie "cursed"?  I want some Mickey luck!
Picture taken by and copyright THE Disney Freak.

Strangely enough, I got another Minnie item!

I think they're both pretty cute.  I actually prefer the Minnie one though, because I don't like how Bambi fills up the entire tag unlike Minnie.

Some more pictures.  Sorry, I went a bit photo crazy because my camera was actually working!

Yes, I'm a Pokemon fan too!
All following pictures taken by and copyright THE Disney Freak.
A bit close-up...
Even closer...
And obviously, the first picture is closest!
My camera loved me that day!!
(Usually it doesn't find anything to focus on, and the pictures are blurry
or have a glare!)

One final note, after I opened them and was playing with the tags, MMM smiled and asked me which ones I'd gotten.  It was so nice!

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  1. POKEMON!!!!
    sorry, had to let out a little inner child for a second there...

    1. Gotta catch 'em all!

      Yeah, I still have all my card. My friend is going to teach me how to actually play the game. :)

    2. Letting out your inner child is what this blog's all about!!

    3. I have all of my cards too! I remember my brother and I would play each other a lot, and kind of just make up rules as we go (cuz worrying about energy and trainers was just a drag) :D


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