Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Every Role a Magical Role

At the Disney Parks Blog, there is a video series called "Every Role a Starring Role at Disneyland Resort."  I'm going to share on of those videos, but I changed the title.  I don't know why.  I just did.

You remember that I shared (on Facebook) a few weekends ago that Fantasmic! recently celebrated its 20th anniversary?  Well, this recent "Every Role a Starring Role at Disneyland Resort"/"Every Role a Magical Role" video shows some backstage footage while interviewing one of the Fantasmic! stage technicians.

The one thing that I found a tad annoying was that the James (the stage tech) seemed to refer to Maleficent as "the Queen."  Really.  It annoys me how people often refer to her as the Queen.  She's a fairy!  And an evil one at that.

But The Disney Mermaid wants me to say that he could be referring to the Evil Queen since she does appear in the show while the video footage just happened to be of Maleficent (for the link, see number 27).

I have to agree with this guy that Fantasmic!, even though I haven't seen it in person yet, is one of the best shows Disney has created for its Parks. It combines all sort of fantasmic/fantastic elements to create a show you won't forget!

Mickey giving us a few thumbs-up in this video seems to show he agrees!

The show must be really good to get two thumbs-ups!
Video screenshot by THE Disney Freak from the included video.

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  1. I didn't know Maleficent was an evil learn something new every day! haha :)

    1. Not your typical fairy with wings ;) but a fairy nonetheless. Especially since in the original story, though she's not called Maleficent, she's a fairy. It all lines up!

      Very true!


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