Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Gonna Wreck It!

I know.  I'm late.

For a very important date.

But after seeing it on The Disney Den, I had to do a post on the first trailer for Wreck-it Ralph, even though I promised a post on it when the trailer would first come out.  Sorry!

I have to say, once I realized other video game characters were going to be in this movie, I got a lot more excited.  At first, I was like a bit...judgemental and didn't feel quite ready to get excited for this movie.  But now, after seeing this trailer (and especially Bowser!) I'm actually really looking forward to this movie.

And echoing what Sara said, this is the originality that we're looking for in a Disney movie.

However, that's just a tad unfair.

Because Disney has done some incredible work retelling fairy tale stories.  Just saying.

But I do appreciate it when they create an original story that looks like it's going to do well.

Oh, and one thing that kind of annoyed me though was that Fix-it Felix really really reminded me of Bob the Builder.  And Bob's annoying motto.  That I had to live through with a younger brother.

But Hey, We All Love Disney Trivia!

Speaking of other video game characters, did you catch all the cameos?

The support group for bad it.
Did you catch any cameos here?  Of course you did!  But did
you know all of them?
Picture from Wreck-it Ralph Facebook page.

Well, this article gives you a look into all the characters that appeared in the trailer...who aren't from Disney!  Enjoy!!


  1. Omg...I totally didn't make that connection with Bob the Builder. Bahaha great now that's all I'm going to think of when I see that character! Have you played the game on the website yet?? It's kinda addicting...

    1. Like a Wreck-it Ralph game? I haven't even heard of it yet! Will check it out.

    2. Yeahh they created the game and it's on the official website for the movie :)


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