Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Witch's Magical Mystery Brew

I still can't stop grinning from watching the new clip/trailer from Brave.

It's absolutely the funniest one that's been released yet.

And probably the best one yet.
Picture from the Disney Wiki.

Sure, it doesn't exactly tell more of the story.  It plays more like a ad.

But it's hilarious!  The music that starts playing, such upbeat happy music, when the narrator starts to say, "But next time, don't just wish your problems away..."  It's fantastic!  (Oops, I meant to say fantasmic!)

The part when the "ad" goes through all the side effects of the "Witch's Magical Mystery Brew" was when I really started smiling.

By the way, Queen Elinor, that's not exactly lady-like, is it?

Order your Witch's Magical Mystery Brew today!


  1. Hahahha! This is hilarious! I think I might have a feeling I know what happens with the curse...but we'll have to wait and see if I'm right when it comes out in theaters! Gah so excited.

    1. Unfortunately, I've found out the entire storyline practically through observation. Which sort of spoils it. :(

  2. A very clever and hilarious trailer. Those Pixar folks sure know what they're doing. :)

  3. OMGosh! How come you never showed me this one! It is hallarious! lol! Love it! We need to go see it THE Disney Freak!!!!!!
    And unfortunately, because you can never not tell me anything Disney, I also know the whole story line...... :(
    The Disney Mermaid!


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